Friday, February 8, 2013

Free {on Amazon} Friday #2

I love looking for free books on Amazon. I love finding new authors. I love falling in love with their books. is an addiction. So, I thought I would start a new topic for my blog called "Free {on Amazon} Friday" where I can share the books I've found the past week and talk about them with you.

Without further ado...

Welcome to "Free {on Amazon} Friday #2"!
I don't think I went too bizerk picking up new books this week. A little afraid to count the books, so I guess we'll be counting together. My new goal was to try and read one of the free books a week and review for you, but I got sucked into a couple books this past week and I haven't had the chance to pick one up. Sorry... I promise to do better. :)
Here are the books I picked up this week...

 photo whogotlizgardner.jpg  photo whengirlfriendstepup.jpg  photo valentinecollection.jpg  photo trustinme.jpg  photo tradesecrets.jpg  photo tocatchabadguy.jpg  photo tobeginanew.jpg  photo thistangledthingcalledlove.jpg  photo thepantydropper.jpg  photo themarryingman.jpg  photo switchingplaces.jpg  photo sweetvengeance.png  photo sweetheartinheels.png  photo rockedunder.png  photo pearl.jpg  photo nosuchthing.jpg  photo lovemarket.jpg  photo longtimecoming.jpg  photo listentoyourheart.jpg  photo lonelymillionaire.jpg  photo flee.jpg  photo lanie.png  photo dreamweaver.jpg  photo deathscape.jpg  photo daggersedge.jpg  photo deadlybusiness.jpg  photo biggirlsdontcry.jpg  photo arsonist.jpg

Ok... Not bad. Not good, but not bad. :)

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