Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free {on Amazon} Friday #3

I love looking for free books on Amazon. I love finding new authors. I love falling in love with their books. is an addiction. So, I thought I would start a new topic for my blog called "Free {on Amazon} Friday" where I can share the books I've found the past week and talk about them with you.

Without further ado...

Welcome to "Free {on Amazon} Friday #3"!
Er...Saturday! Sorry I'm late with this week's post. All I'm going to say is that I counted and I'm not proud of myself. :-) What can I say? Valentine's day and free romance books...
 photo valentinesurprise.jpg  photo whenyouwish.jpg  photo underaharvestmoon.jpg  photo turnabouttwist.jpg  photo touched.jpg  photo themissings.jpg  photo thegirlinthewindow.jpg  photo thehappiestseason.jpg  photo taketwo.jpg  photo thefinalarrangement.jpg  photo stirredwithlove.jpg  photo straightfromtheheart.jpg  photo ringoflies.jpg  photo pricelessdesire.jpg  photo potionatelove.jpg  photo phoningitin.jpg  photo manhunt.jpg  photo maidforme.jpg  photo madaboutyou.jpg  photo luckylove.jpg  photo luckycharm.jpg  photo lovemetender.jpg  photo loveisintheair.jpg  photo icedromance.jpg  photo lookingforlove.jpg  photo hiddentalents.jpg  photo herewecome.jpg  photo girlofmydreams.jpg  photo deadlyvalentine.jpg  photo destinyredeemed.jpg  photo dangerous.jpg  photo daddyshome.jpg  photo cupidscupcake.jpg  photo coyoteheat.jpg  photo couragedares.jpg  photo avalentinesurprise.jpg  photo beddingthewrongbrother.jpg  photo ambushed.jpg

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