Friday, March 22, 2013

Pushing Her Buttons by Sabrina York

Pushing Her Buttons
Author: Sabrina York
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (2012)
Format: eBook only
Source: Amazon

Every single day, he’s there. Waiting. Watching her. Closed in with her for a hundred stories as they ride the elevator to their floor. And every single day, for a hundred floors, Samantha simmers with banked lust. She wants him—her mysterious neighbor who seems to get off on tempting her. Whose eyes promise the kind of kinky domination she’s too afraid to give in to. And then just when she thinks she’s safe, just when she’s convinced she can resist his allure, he steps up his relentless pursuit. The passion that flares between them burns so hot and so bright it could consume them both.But that’s just on the way up. Who knows what will happen when they’re going down.

My Thoughts:
Another novella . . . WHY?!?! I am a greedy reader when it comes to my favorite authors. I would love a full length book by Sabrina York, but she just keeps teasing me with novellas. Mean . . .

I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Going into it, I thought it would just be a quick, super steamy book. Oh, it is quick and definitely steamy, but it also had a fun plot. Rarely do novellas leave me with a satisfying closure. Boy, was this book ever satisfying. *wink* I felt that this one had just enough substance for me to fall in love with both Sam and Jackson. Poor Sam. Her ex-husband was an ass. She wanted things, but because he used her, she denies herself the pleasure. Jackson knew that and he uses it to get her to give in to temption. Once she steps foot in his apartment. . . It's on! Both of them are into the kinkier way of life, but it doesn't control them. I loved how caring he was with her. And he let's her take control. Why can't more heros be okay with being tied up? That was hot!

It is in first person, which makes it difficult for me to form a bond with the non-POV character. I didn't have that difficulty at all with Jackson. Yes, I'd love his side of the story, but Sam's POV did a good job describing Jackson. Not to mention it added a layer of mystery to Jackson's already mysterious persona.

Now I'm sad. . . I only have 2 of Sabrina's older books left to read. Must . Slow. Down. Yeah, like that'll happen. :)

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