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Review of THE FINN FACTOR by Rachel Bailey

"How long can you go without sex before you become a born again virgin?" - Scarlett Logan

The Finn Factor
Author: Rachel Bailey
Publisher: Entangled
Release Date: September 28, 2015
Source: Netgalley

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Sometimes all a girl needs is a little practice...

It's been twelve months, three days, and eleven hours since accounting student Scarlett Logan made it past a second date. A pitcher of mojitos in hand, she employs her supreme graphing skills to narrow things down to one horrifying explanation. Kissing. Clearly someone needs to teach her how to kiss properly. Like, say, her best friend and roomie, Finn Mackenzie. He's safe, he's convenient, and yeah, maybe just a little gorgeous.

Finn knows exactly why Scarlett's boyfriends are disappearing quickly. Him. Not a single guy she's brought home is nearly good enough. And he'll be damned if he lets some loser give her "kissing lessons." No. He'll do the honors, thank you very much. The moment their lips touch, though, everything turns upside down. But Scarlett deserves the one thing Finn can't give her. And if he doesn't put an end to the sexy little shenanigans, he'll teach Scarlett the hardest lesson of all...heartbreak.

Confession time... I can't get enough of new adult romances. Whether it is sweet and flirty or sexy and sizzling, I want to read them all! That was one of the reasons why I jumped at the chance to read The Finn Factor. It is a new adult friends to lovers... Score! The Finn Factor was a blast to read. I loved the friendship between Finn and Scarlett. Finn was the perfect guy, minus the obvious fear of commitment. He's sexy and sweet, protective of those he loves, and can kiss like a dream. His only annoying quirk is that he has the tendency to scare off all of Scarlett's potential boyfriends. Who does that? Bad Finn! Poor Scarlett, though, doesn't know what the hell is going on and thinks it is because she can't kiss for shit. Scarlett longs for the stability that (sometimes) comes with having a serious relationship. One night, she decides to pour her heart out to Finn and that's when Scarlett gets the bright idea that'll take both of them into new territorial. The scary land where friends become more than friends. 

The Finn Factor was an absolute joy to read and I finished it way to late one night because, yet again, I could not put it down. I loved the idea that everything starts with a kiss. That kiss where you know you've found the one. The kiss that leaves Finn and Scarlett breathless and befuddled at the same time. It was the perfect combination of sweet kisses and sizzling moments that made The Finn Factor a wonderful story.

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