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Review: Obsession (Nirvana #1) by Anise Storm

"You are mine." - Thaddeus Remington

Series: Nirvana #1
Author: Anise Storm
Publisher: Totally Bound
Release Date: January 5, 2016
Source: publisher for review

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The ultimate bachelor meets his match when he sets out to seduce his secretary. What starts off as fantasy soon becomes an obsession.

Thaddeus Remington has everything he has ever wanted—a successful business, wealth and the ultimate bachelor lifestyle—until he meets his new secretary, Hannah Brinkley. Immediately he is intrigued and drawn to her, unaware of the side she keeps hidden until he sees her one evening at a local Atlanta kink club. Intending to turn his fantasies into reality, he sets out to seduce her.

Hannah Brinkley, a transplant from Texas, is unable to resist the lure of once again finding pleasure at the hands of a Dominant and becomes a member at a local club. Once there, she realizes that the man who flirts incessantly with her throughout the day is actually in a position to back up each and every naughty suggestion.

Physical attraction soon leads to a full-blown obsession that leaves them not only questioning each other but also searching their own hearts. Will the answers revealed bring them closer to experiencing nirvana in each other’s arms or tear them apart for good?

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Let me set the scene... It is 11:30 at night. I had just finished a book and thought why not pick up something new to test the waters. Just read a couple chapters to get a feel for a book. I see Anise Storm's Obsession. In the mood for something steamy, I opened it. Twenty minutes later, I know I need sleep, but just one more chapter. Ten minutes later, it's getting hotter and I need another chapter. Okay, it is midnight and I need to sleep, just one more chapter. Thirty minutes later, who needs sleep? I'm finishing this puppy! 

I could not put Obsession down. Once I got into this world, I was a goner. Honestly, I felt like a voyeur watching Hannah and Thaddeus dance around each other. And you know what, I didn't care. Their chemistry was scorching hot. The writing was spectacular. I wish I was warned about the cliffhanger, though. It took me by complete surprise. You know that comical "Nooooo!"? Yeah, that was totally me. Hopefully the wait isn't too long for the next book in the series. 

I love reading debut authors. Finding an author that you like at the beginning of their career is so much fun. I am so excited to read more of Anise's books in the future. If the next book is anything like Obsession, she'll be a new favorite author of mine in no time.

Excerpt from Totally Bound

Tapping his pen against the top of his mahogany desktop, Thaddeus Remington couldn’t take his eyes off of the woman at the desk right outside his office—Hannah Brinkley. She had recently been hired on as a secretary for his corporation. After running into her, literally, during her first week of employment at Remington Industries, Thad had worked his magic, having her assigned to his department. There was an air of mystery about Hannah that had intrigued him from the start. Since then, she had basically become his personal secretary, even though she assisted some of the other senior leaders on his floor as well. 
“Yes… Of course we’ll have thorough testing performed on it before rolling the product out,” he agreed with the caller on the line. He pressed the mute button once more as Andrew Breckenridge began to ramble on about figures and results for the third time. He zoned out and again caught a glimpse of the beauty just beyond his door. 
Remington Industries was good at what they did, and all the appropriate testing would be done as a standard part of the job. The only kind of testing that Thad was interested in at the moment, however, involved the curvy brunette with mile-long legs who was mere feet from his office. As soon as he’d had the lovely Ms. Brinkley settled into her workspace, he had moved his desk so he would be able to see her at all times out of his peripheral vision. That had turned out to be an even better idea than he’d first imagined. It certainly didn’t hurt that today Hannah had decided to wear a form-fitting skirt that clung to her slender legs. 
During conference calls like the one he was currently on, his mind couldn’t help but conjure up images of those same toned thighs wrapped around his neck as he sampled her essence. There were a number of things he wanted to do to her and if given the chance, he would certainly not pass up a single one, if she was willing. Outside the fact that he didn’t know whether she would be able to handle his darker desires, he didn’t need a sexual harassment case. It didn’t mean that he couldn’t fantasize about her though. 
Thad watched her straighten up as she stood, running her hands down the front of her black linen skirt. Feigning nonchalance, he made himself look busy, knowing she was headed into his office. The floral scent of her perfume mixed with a certain hint of spice alerted him to her presence seconds before she opened her mouth to speak. 
“I’ve filed the latest proposals and cleared your calendar for the remainder of the afternoon, Mr. Remington,” she whispered to him when she realized he was on a call. A slow smirk quirked his lips and he stared intently at her for a few moments until she shifted nervously on her feet. “If there isn’t anything else, I did request leaving a few hours early this afternoon and that time off has already been approved.” 
“I know, Miss Brinkley. I was the one to approve it for you,” he said. Hannah smiled at him and began to turn on her heel to leave. Clearing his throat, he added, “I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetheart.” 
She flushed at the endearment and nodded before exiting his office. A low growl erupted from him as his eyes followed the swaying of curvaceous hips that framed her tight ass. Thaddeus could only imagine what he would see beneath the semi-conservative clothing she chose to wear, and his imagination was a very vivid one. If that day ever came, he would also get to hear exactly how loud her soft-spoken voice could get when she screamed his name in equal parts pleasure and pain. 
“And when can I expect to receive that proposal, Thaddeus?” Andrew asked, causing Thad to sigh in relief as he unmuted the phone. It looked like this call was finally coming to a close. 
“I’ll have that to you first thing in the morning. If there isn’t anything else then, I’ll talk to you later, Andrew. I’m pretty swamped here.” 
Andrew assured him that there wasn’t and he finally hung up the call. Rising from his seat, he walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window in his office that overlooked downtown Atlanta. In a few hours, when the sun set over the city, he would have a million dollar view of the skyline that rivaled the one he saw each night from his industrial loft-style penthouse a few streets away.

Anise Storm is a new author of erotica, including BDSM and ménage. Possessing a life-long love of writing since childhood, she started by dabbling in poetry and other short stories.

A Southern transplant, Anise is married with children. She has a love of football, shoes, and tall, dark heroes. When not spending time with family or traveling, she can be found either curled up with a good book or writing.

You can take a look at Anise's website and Goodreads page. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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