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Spotlight: Evitable Destiny by Izabela Monick

Evitable Destiny
Izabela Monick
July 12, 2015

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Since Chris's mother died when he was sixteen years old, he has lived for only one goal: seeking revenge on his mother’s ex-lover, Kevin.  Determined not to repeat his mother’s mistake, Chris vows never to fall into love’s seductive, deceptive clutches.

With Kevin’s business teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, Chris senses his chance. He kidnaps Kevin’s stepdaughter, Julia, and sets a ransom—if Kevin cancels a company-saving business deal, then Julia will be returned. The scheme seems perfect—until Chris’s long-suppressed feelings for Julia bubble to the surface.  Julia, meanwhile, proves a resilient captive with a knack for pushing Chris’s buttons, even as her own feelings for her kidnapper become increasingly conflicted.

As the passion between Chris and Julia heats up, other forces come into play. Chris isn’t the only one who wants Julia, nor is he the only one willing to abduct her to satisfy his needs. Julia’s life—and perhaps Chris’s only chance at love—are in danger.

I panicked when I found that I couldn’t move my feet, and then I realized that they were tangled in a soft fabric, the same kind that was covering my shoulders. When I tried again, I was able to pull up my knees, and with them I also pulled up something like a comforter or a thick blanket. This made me think that I was in bed, but I had no idea why and whose bed it was. Confused, I opened my eyes—the room was spinning with unclear shapes, and at the same time a headache kicked in. After struggling to keep my eyes open, I gave up. Darkness gave me relief from the spinning, but the headache intensified. What had happened to me? Did I get so drunk that I couldn’t remember anything? I searched my memory but found nothing that would give me a clue to where I was. The door opened, and a tall brunette in her forties came in with a big smile. Her face looked familiar, but I couldn’t recall where I’d seen her before. What was she so happy about? 
“Hello, Julia. Did you sleep well?” 
“Where am I and who are you?” I needed immediate answers. 
“You’ll learn everything very soon. Right now you need to get ready to meet your host. Go take a shower, and I’ll leave a dress for you on the chair.” 
“And why do you think I’ll follow your orders? My head is pounding, and I’m not in the mood to play games with you.” 
“Oh, I’m not one to play games. I’m only following my employer’s orders. If you want to meet him, you have to get dressed. You don’t want him to see you with ‘hangover’ written all over your face. You need to refresh yourself a little bit.” 
“Why should I care? I don’t even know who he is.”

Izabela Monick is the author of the suspenseful romance novel Evitable Destiny. She lives in New York with her husband and two children. She works as an accountant during the day and as a writer at night. Since she was young, Izabela has loved both math and writing, but when she picked an accounting career to pay her bills, she still dreamed of becoming an author. Finally, she found the courage to sit down and write her own novel. Now, Izabela delights in shocking her readers with unexpected twists and turns while keeping her plots brimming with heated passion until the final page.

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