Friday, November 25, 2016

Sale Blast: Cattle Valley: Vol. 1 - All Play and No Work & Mistletoe by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley: Vol. 1
All Play and No Work & Mistletoe
Carol Lynne
Totally Bound
Contemporary M/M Romance

You first got to know them in the Good-time Boys series, now follow Nate, Rio and Ryan to their new home in Cattle Valley.

All Play and No Work: A community built on tolerance, Cattle Valley is one of the few places in the country where the residents won't bat an eyelash at a threesome relationship.

Nate, Rio and Ryan fit right in. But, with Ryan busy in his new job as town Sheriff, Rio and Nate are left to wonder how they're supposed to make a living. What use are a highly trained mercenary and a private detective in a peaceful community the size of Cattle Valley?

Cattle Valley Mistletoe: The Reverend Casey Sharp loves his church, his congregation and his community.

Contractor Halden Kuckleman, loves his quiet life. After a childhood trauma, Hal gave up on love and God. He's fine working on the renovation as long as Reverend Sharp doesn't try to save him.

When Casey offers to lend a hand however, he begins to wonder if the willowy minister will help or lead him straight into temptation.

On sale exclusively on Amazon for $0.99!

Excerpt from Mistletoe
“Kuckleman Construction,” a deep gravely voice answered. 
“Um, yes, hi, I’d like to speak with Halden Kuckleman.” 
“You got him. How can I help you?” 
“Hi, Mr. Kuckleman, this is Reverend Casey Sharp from the Cattle Valley Community Church. I was wondering if you would be willing to come out and give me a bid on completing the church expansion.” Casey adjusted his reading glasses, a nervous habit of his from grade school. He was starting to worry he’d never find anyone to finish the reception hall and at this late date, he was desperate enough to call on Halden Kuckleman. 
“Sorry, I don’t do churches,” Halden said. 
“Yes, well, I heard that, but I’m kinda desperate. The contractor we hired to do the work, quit in the middle of the project, and we’ve promised to have the building ready for the annual Christmas Eve party. I know you’re not a religious man, Mr. Kuckleman, and if you’d be willing to come take a look at the building, I promise not to try and save you.” Casey bit his lip. Shoot, maybe he shouldn’t have said that. Even though it was common knowledge around town that Halden was a tried and true atheist, maybe Casey should have just kept his mouth shut. He was the new guy in town, and making enemies wasn’t his idea of fitting in. 
There was a loud sigh on the other end of the phone. “How much still needs doing?” 
“Well, the basic shell is there, but nothing has been done on the inside. I’m sorry to say, there isn’t any heat yet, but at least you’ll be out of the snow and wind.” Casey looked out his office window at the snow on the ground. It was only mid-November and already, the city had been blanketed with almost two feet of snow. He sure as heck wouldn’t want to work in an unheated building, but then, if a person was used to working outside in weather like this... 
“The heating issue won’t bother me, just the location.” Casey didn’t say a word. Halden seemed to be considering it, and at least he hadn’t hung up on him. 
After a few seconds, Halden continued. “Will you be around this afternoon?” 
Casey pumped his arm in the air in triumph. “Yes, I’ll be here all day.” 
“I could probably swing by after lunch and take a look, no promises, though.” 
“Yes, of course. My house is next door, which is probably where I’ll be. If you could just honk when you pull into the parking lot, I’ll be right out.” Casey closed the phonebook, and put it back on the shelf. 
“See ya then,” Halden said and hung up. 
Casey put the phone back into its cradle and looked around his office. He still had boxes to sort through, and a sermon to practice for Sunday. Scratching his head, he got up and wandered into the kitchen. Maybe a cup of strong coffee would get him going. 
The house still didn’t quite feel like home, but what did he expect? He’d only been in Cattle Valley for two weeks, two very lonely weeks. Despite his chosen vocation, Casey was a man who enjoyed sex, lots of sex. It was the only reason he’d chosen to go to college to get his Master’s degree in religious studies instead of entering a seminary.

An avid reader for years, one day Carol Lynne decided to write her own brand of erotic romance. While writing her first novel, Branded by Gold, Carol fell in love with the M/M genre. Carol juggles between being a full-time mother and a full-time writer. With well over one hundred releases, one thing is certain, Carol loves to keep busy writing sexy cowboys, shifters, bodyguards, vampires and everything in between. Although series books are her passion, Carol enjoys penning the occasional stand-alone title.

As founder and President of GRL Retreat, Inc., Carol helps organize the annual GayRomLit Retreat. Now in its sixth year, GayRomLit is an annual retreat that brings together the people who create and celebrate LGBT romance for a one-of-a-kind, must-attend gathering of dynamic, informal, and diverse fun. 

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