Friday, June 23, 2017

A Blind Date with a Book!

From The Ripped Bodice in Culver City, California... It's the Dating Game!

Okay, maybe it's not exactly the dating game. Instead of three slightly weird bachelors, we have a stack of blindly wrapped romance books. And instead of an awkward first date, we have a first book from a potential new favorite author.

I've always been curious about the idea of picking a book based on a brief description. Like many readers, I usually pick a book based on the blurb and the cover. If both catch my fancy, I'm game! So to take a chance is exciting. Will this be a book I'll love? Will this author become a new favorite? What book did I get? Well, stay tuned after this brief commercial...

...or you can click "read more."

I promise, if this becomes a series of posts, I won't be quite as corny and cheesy next time. :)

On a recent trip to The Ripped Bodice, I found myself knee deep in their wonderful "Blind Date with a Book" selection. I found an FBI book that immediately snagged my attention and like the vast majority of my shopping trips, I decided to pass on it. And of course, it stayed with me for a full month until I went back today to meet up with a dear friend of mine. I hoped the book would still be there. Alas, it was not. Please don't remind me that I'll never know the title of said book. I know... And it'll bug me for a very long time.

This visit, I came across three books that caught my attention. Two of which sounded very much romantic suspense and one that, well, involved lacy lingerie. Now picture me, standing in front of these three books and taking far too long to decide...


**insert awkward sex question**

I actually came up with a pretty good question, but now I'm too much of a chicken to post it. It involved strawberries and Nutella/sugar/whipped cream.

And I finally picked this book...

Why did I pick this book? Two words: Lacy. Lingerie. Two more words: Yes. Please.

And my blind date is with...

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A Billionaie Between the Sheets by Katie Lane!!

What's funny is that Katie is actually an author that I've really wanted to try. And now I have the perfect excuse to drop most of my books to pick it up. 

So, that's my blind date (with a book) story. Deacon and I will have our blind date soon and I'll for sure come back to tell you all about it. 

Until then...

Have you ever tried a blind date with a book? If you have, which book did you get? Did you have fun? Was there a second date? Let's chat!


  1. Never heard of this actually, but it sounds like fun. Not totally blind, but blissfully ignorant with the potential of being delightfully surprised. :-)
    Unlike when I used to do the 'buy a box of books' for charity thing many years ago. That was blind - I remember one time getting a box full of kids' books and repair manuals. LOL! It was still fun. Great way to discover a new author. Happy Reading, Crystal. xo

    1. True. If I had someone pick it out for me, then it would be completely blind. But not knowing the author or the full blurb is enough of a surprise for me. This girl doesn't like blind dates... Like at all. :D Thanks for visiting, Amy!! I miss chatting with you. Gotta get my head out of the sand. ;)