Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pass the Popcorn: Favorite Holiday TV Movies from the 90's

Hello friends! Well, this week was kind of a bust in terms of holiday movies. I had zero chance to sit down and enjoy a movie. Sad, right? Since I don't have any new or recent movies to chat about today, I thought I would take a trip back in time and talk about my three favorite holiday movies that were on TV in the 1990's. It has been years since I've seen these movies and I would give anything to see them again. I wonder if they are on YouTube...

Three holiday movies from the 1990's that I loved...

A modern day take on Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol," Ebbie is the story of Elizabeth Scrooge, a department store executive that only views Christmas as a lost day with no sales. She doesn't care to hear about her employee's personal lives nor does she give money to the needy. For her, the only good thing about Christmas is the after Christmas sales. It's not until she's visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future that she see's the error in her ways and viewers get a glimpse into happened in young Ebbie's life that turned her into the Bah Humbug type. 

For some reason, I didn't like the movie the first time I saw it. I don't know if it was the plot or the fact that we're supposed to believe young Ebbie looked exactly like older Ebbie when 20+ years passed. I always wished they had sprung for a younger actress, but it is what it is. What I ultimately loved about this movie was the modern adaption to a classic we all know. I don't think I've seen any other "A Christmas Carol" adaptions with a female Scrooge.

The second movie from the 1990's that I loved was The Christmas List (1997). Always a dreamer, Melody Parris has a wishlist a mile long... Owning her own perfume store... A new car... Getting engaged to the love of her life... These are just some of the wishes Melody writes down on her list. Shortly after her friend and coworker sneaks this list into Santa's mailbox, things start to go awry and suddenly all of Melody's wishes come true. Some in unexpected ways, but all leading towards her happily ever after.

I loved The Christmas List from the first time I watched it. Yes, it is a tad corny at times, but it is also funny and oh-so sweet. I especially loved the romance between Melody and David. He's spontaneous and fun-loving, both things Melody loves in life. The Christmas List also has one of my favorite bloopers. If you ever have the chance to watch it, look out for the magical disappearing present towards the end of the movie.

The last movie I want to talk about is one of my all-time favorites... In the movie On the 2nd Day of Christmas (1997) we meet Bert, Trish, and young Patsy. Trish and her niece Patsy are a talented pick-pocketing team. When their latest caper results in them getting caught by the department store owner, it is a miracle that they aren't separated on Christmas. Well, a miracle that people don't answer their phones this close to Christmas. Given no choice, Bert must keep an eye on Trish and Patsy until they can be arrested after the holiday. Throw in one shady Santa and you get this fun movie.

I think this movie can be summed up by three words... Young. Mark. Ruffalo. Need I say more? This was actually the movie that started my crush on him way back in 1997. On the 2nd Day of Christmas is a lot of fun to watch. Patsy is adorable. The scene where she cries because she thinks Santa is mad at her made me tear up a bit. She is super feisty for a little girl. Toss in Mary Stuart Masterson as Trish, Howard Hesseman as David, and you've got one very underrated movie with a surprising cast.

So, there you have it. Three of my favorite movies from the 90's. Now if you'll excuse me... I found On the 2nd Day of Christmas on YouTube. I'm totally going to spend a couple hours grinning like a fool at young Mark Ruffalo.

What are some of your favorite movies from back in the day? Any you wish would get some love now?


  1. It's been years since I've watched Ebbie--and I wasn't a fan. I think I need to get it another try. Great list! I really need to check out these movies.

    Simply Angela

  2. Oh wow Ebbie brings back memories. Thanks for showcasing these movies