Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello 2018: Reading & Blogging Goals

Hello friends! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous New Year's celebration. Now that it is 2018, I'm ready to tackle the year and make it a fun one. Last year was the first time I posted my goals and since I had a fun time with it, I'm here to share them again.

So here we go... These are my reading and blogging goals for 2018...

Here are my reading goals for 2018. Some are going to be tough for me to stick with and some are repeats from last year. However, they will all keep me on my toes.

1. Finish More Series - There are a couple series that are driving me insane. Most notably is Candis Terry's Sweet, Texas series. In addition of reading the 3 books from this series that I haven't read, I also want to re-read the ones that I have. Two other series that I would love to finish are Crossfire by Sylvia Day and Sweet by Maya Banks. Just to name a few...

2. Read My Print Books - While I did a fairly good job with this one last year, I want to expand a bit more this year. My goal is to tackle my "read and donate" pile. These are books that I picked up on a whim at used bookstores and have no intention of keeping after I read them. They're mostly older erotic romances, but they are all books I've wanted to read. This will be the year! I want to continue to read more of my other paperbacks as well.

3. Read Books When Meeting Authors - Yeah... I'm too shy to approach an author if I haven't read their books, so if I can read at least one before meeting them I'd be much happier at author events. 

4. Computer Curfew - Okay, I know this probably doesn't sound like a reading goal, but it is. I want to turn off my computer at a certain time each night so I can settle in and read. One of the reasons why I'm not reading as much is because I'm usually on my computer until 10:30 each night. This only leaves me with maybe an hour or two tops each day to read. I want more! The time will fluctuate depending on what I'm doing, but I will start turning it off earlier. This will also make reading print books much easier. 

Here we go... My blogging and reviewing goals for 2018. These will definitely book trickier for me to stick with, so wish me luck.

1. Blog Ahead More - Yes, this one is a repeat from last year but with a twist. I explain it a bit more in my next goal, but I want to schedule more posts. Mostly discussion and other non-review posts. As for review posts, they don't have to be complete. Instead they should have the bones finished so I can just add my review when I'm ready. Ideally, I'd like to have the majority of my posts finished for the week by Sunday. We'll see how long that lasts.

2. Get Better at Graphics - As I discovered my newfound love of discussion posts came a new hurdle in the form of making graphics and images. I want to get better making them.

3. Update Goodreads, NetGalley, and Edelweiss More Often - Another one that is pretty self-explanatory. I need to update the three sites at least twice a month. If I spend another day updating 20+ reviews I'll go insane.

4. Raise NetGalley Rating By Atleast 10% - This one is my most important goal for 2018. While my percentage will never be where it should, I do want to try and get it as high as I can. I'd love to up it by more than 10%, but I'm giving myself some wiggle room for the first year. I have a plan, let's up I can stick with it.

Those are my main reading and blogging goals for 2018. I have some smaller goals that correlate with my bigger goals, but those will probably change throughout the year. What are your goals for 2018? Comment below and let's chat!

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