Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Books Series: What I Loved & What I Need to Finish

Hello friends! Let's chat about book series. Personally I love them. I love that we get to know a group of characters over the span of several books. We get to watch some characters grow from a troubled teen to a successful adult. We can watch two characters fall in love over the course of several books. We can even watch two characters bicker and fight until love slaps them upside their heads and they finally wake the hell up... Too much?

February's topic over at Andi's ABC's is all about series. For me... I'm going to talk about some of my favorite romance series and some that I really want to finish. 

6 Romance Series I Loved
Covers linked to Goodreads.


Chinooks Hockey from Rachel Gibson
Rachel's Chinooks not only introduced me to the world of hockey romance, it was also my first ever sports romance and she was my first ever contemporary romance author. I owe so much to her and I just adore her books. My favorite was definitely See Jane Score with The Trouble with Valentines a close second.

Benediction from Shelly Bell
Shelly Bell can write erotic romantic suspense like nobody's business. Funny story... I fell in love with the villain from her White Collared quartet and I had hoped he would get redemption. The guy killed someone and I still fell for him. I may be a sick puppy, but he was hawt.

Seaside Summers from Melissa Foster
I could have picked just about any of Melissa's series to be my favorite, but I love the friendship between the Seaside girls. Between the pranks and their endless chunky dunk parties, I would love to hang out with them during the summer.


Oxford from Lauren Layne
I love Lauren's verbal foreplay. Her couples could go from zero to sixty in just under 5 words. Whenever her characters say "I can't stand you," chances are it's the exact opposite.

Hauberk Protection from Leah Braemel
Leah introduced me to the wild world of erotic romance. She was the first erotic romance author I picked up when I was a baby Kindle reader. She definitely paved the way for me to love other authors.

Sugar Shack from Candis Terry
Like Rachel, I owe the world to Candis Terry. Where Rachel introduced me to the world of contemporary romance, it was Candis that renewed my love. Her Second Chance at the Sugar Shack was one of the first books I bought when I had gotten my Kindle. Plus she's the only author I've purchased the series in both ebooks and paperbacks, a feat I didn't notice until months later.

8 Romance Series I Need to Finish

I'm not going to explain why I need to finish them because it's all pretty much the say reason. I started reading one or two books and completely missed the rest. I hope to finish a couple of these for the Series That Never Ends challenge. More on that later!


The Bad Boys of Summer from Katie Rose
Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue from Katie Ruggle
Sinful Rewards from Cynthia Sax
Lucky Harbor from Jill Shalvis


Sweet, Texas from Candis Terry
Crossfire from Sylvia Day
Cold Fury Hockey from Sawyer Bennett
Sweet from Maya Banks

So, that's my list of series I loved and ones I need to finish. What about you? Which series are your favorite? Any you need to finish? Let's chat!

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