Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Review: Forever Home (Forever Friends #1) by Allyson Charles

"Dinner was my pleasure. But you owe me dessert. This date ended too quickly. And this is one debt I'm going to collect. I want another date." - Brad Cohen

Forever Home
Series: Forever Friends #1
Author: Allyson Charles
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Published: April 10, 2018
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Isabelle Lopez has never been a dog person. Raising her daughter alone and building a real estate career leaves no time for four-legged furballs. When she finds an abandoned mutt and litter of pups in a foreclosed apartment, Izzy intends to drop them off at a shelter and walk briskly away. Instead, her “heroic” deed makes her a local celebrity. Her boss is thrilled. Commissions are up. And thanks to gorgeous shelter owner Bradley Cohen, Izzy’s disciplined life is suddenly much, much more complicated.

He’s got a sexy smile, a wicked sense of humor, and a big, noble heart. Even as Izzy tries to get her libido to heel, boy, Bradley sets out to convince her there’s more to life than padding her bank account. But Izzy knows a trade secret that puts Brad’s beloved shelter at risk, and she can’t warn him.

Their relationship was barely getting started; suddenly it’s in the dog house. Now Izzy and Brad need to figure out what matters most, and whether this could be much more than animal attraction…

Sexy hero? Check.
Adorable kids? Check.
Pooches you want to snuggle? Check.

Although I've only read 3 books from author Allyson Charles, I know that when I pick up one of her books I'm going to get a sweet romance that'll make me smile, laugh, and swoon. Her characters are lovable, intelligent, and hardworking. They usually carry their hearts on their sleeves and love with their whole being. Brad Cohen is dedicated to his shelter and the pups that enter it. He wasn't prepared for Izzy when she stumbled into his life. Their attraction is instant and as they grow closer, both have to figure out what is more important in life.

I thought Forever Home was adorable. I loved the characters. Watching Brad interacting with Izzy and her daughter was swoon-worthy. I mean, here's a hero that will do anything for the dogs in his care while opening his heart to a woman and her daughter. He never once questioned his role in their lives. I loved that although they had a pretty rough argument, he never stopped loving both of them. Izzy can be a bit bullheaded, but to be a successful realtor while being a single mother, she definitely has to be. She hates that people on both sides judge her and she uses that to prove herself. I loved that Brad and Izzy balanced each other. Brad brings a bit of spontaneity into Izzy's life, while she brings in stability. 

Forever Home was a fun-loving and heartwarming romance. Allyson Charles brings her readers back to Pineville with all new characters. I've got my fingers crossed that Gabe and Dax will be the next two heroes. It's going to be fun watching grumpy Gabe fall in love. Can't wait!

Allyson Charles lives in Northern California. She’s the author of humorous, small-town, contemporary romances under the Allyson Charles nom de plume. She writes steamy historicals as Alyson Chase. A former attorney, she happily ditched those suits and now works in her pajamas writing about men’s briefs instead of legal briefs. When she’s not writing, she’s probably engaged in one of her favorite hobbies: napping, eating, or martial arts (That last one almost makes up for the first two, right?). One of Allyson’s greatest disappointments is living in a state that doesn’t have any Cracker Barrels in it.

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