Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Six Month Challenge Update: How am I doing?

Hello friends! When I set out to do monthly challenge updates, I originally wanted to have quarterly posts that had cute charts and graphics. That didn't pan out because, let's face it, I'm not the best when it comes to making graphics. My goal then became a six month update to post in July. So I sat down and powered through making charts. In the process I've learned that slow and steady does indeed win the race and lowers my frustration level. They are simple, but I like 'em.

So here we are... It's July 3rd and I have finally finished my January - June update. Thank goodness I don't have to do this again until December. 

As much as I loved this challenge (and I really did), I just couldn't keep up with it after the first month. And to be completely honest, I don't even know why. There are a couple prompts still that I'd like to try, so I may come back to it in the future. I do hope that it'll come back next year. I think with a year of discussion posts under my belt will help me next year.

Goal: 12+ books
Completed: 5 books

I have loved this challenge for years and I'm finally making progress. Not as much as I would like to, but since I only did 2 books like year, I'm over the moon with the 5 books I have managed to read. I don't have a lot of review books this month I'll be able to cross off a couple more on my list.

Goal: 21 to 40 authors
Completed: 16 authors

Actually, I thought I would be doing better with this one. It may be because I'm only counting authors. The challenge says you can in include new series, but I tend to stick with authors. I only have 5 left so I know I'll complete it way before the year ends. Will I make it to 40? Who knows.

Goal: 6 to 10 books
Completed: 6 books

This one is a little bit confusing. I originally wanted to do multiple troupes throughout the year and I think I'm going to continue to do so. Since my enemies-to-lovers troupe challenge is technically complete, I'm going to move onto the next one. I don't know what I'll pick. Stay tuned...

Goal: 21+ books
Completed: 42 books

Since I am way over my goal and I didn't print out any more sheets (that's how I keep track), I am going to stop keeping track at this point. I will definitely come back to it in December when I do my final challenge update and I'll have a final tally.

Goal: 11 to 20 items
Completed: 39 items

Another challenge where I'm way over my goal. Hooray! I am going to continue to track my progress on my print-out, but I will stop updating each month. I may come back for a quarterly update in September, but I will for sure have a final tally in December.

Goal: 10 books
Completed: 0 books

This bites. My original goal was to pick up 2 older series from authors that I love, but I just haven't had any free reading time. I do really want to read Candis Terry's Sweet, Texas series and I think I'm going to do that in my own pace (not necessarily by the end of the year). So I'm calling it quits on this challenge. Hopefully it'll come back next year and I can give it another go.

Goal: 10 to 15 books
Completed: 8 books

I'm about where I should be. I do have a harder time remembering to update this one, though. I'm not sure why that is, but it is really annoying.

Goal: 100
Completed: 60

I discovered that this challenge got quite a boost when I switched to my current review schedule. Instead of posting maybe 7 or 8 reviews in a month, I'm now doing 12 to 13. And possibly more now that I'm addicted to erotic novellas. I'm looking forward to seeing my tally for July and August. I'll have this one completed way before the end of the year.

Goal: 11 to 20
Completed: 16

Although I haven't done a discussion post at all in June, I'm still ahead in my goal. I want to get back into doing discussion posts soon. Fingers crossed!

How are you doing on your challenges? Have you completed any? Do you have any that I should try next year?

For my discussion friends... Where do you find topics? Any websites I should check out?

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