Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Review: Bayside Escape (Bayside Summers #4) by Melissa Foster

"Hands off, bitches. He's mine." - Violet Vancroft

Bayside Escape
Author: Melissa Foster
Series: Bayside Summers #4
Publisher: World Literary Press
Published: March 6, 2019
Source: publisher for review

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Hold on to your hat for Violet’s wildly hot love story! Lizza is up to her old tricks again, and Violet is in for the surprise of a lifetime!

Two years ago Violet Vancroft was a nomadic artist who never wanted to put down roots and Andre Shaw was a prominent Boston physician whose roots ran too deep to unearth. Their love didn’t stand a chance—or at least that’s what Violet believed when she received a plea for help from the sister she’d never really known—so she snuck away like a thief in the night.

Now Andre travels the world, setting up new medical clinics, and Violet has finally found the family she’d always craved and the roots she’d never known she wanted. When their paths cross unexpectedly, it’s not the reunion either one imagined. But they’ve never stopped loving each other, and after the dust of anger and hurt settles, passion ignites even hotter than before. As the end to Andre’s time at the Cape nears, reality sets in, leaving them no closer to a future than they were before. Violet and Andre are forced to dig deep to discover if they’re destined to live apart forever or if true love really can conquer all.

I adore Melissa Foster. Her characters. Her writing style. Everything in between. I cannot get enough of her books, which is why I've read pretty much all of them. Instead of a standard review, I like to mix it up a bit with her books. Last couple of years I would pick a word or phrase that I thought described the book perfectly. This year, I'm switching it up and I'm focusing on elements on her books that I love. For Bayside Escape, it took a bit for me to think of an element, but I finally did. I love how her characters have different past experiences with love. Some, like Andre, have been surrounded with love growing up. Others are like Violet, who spend their life not knowing what unconditional love feels like. So it's only natural for their instant attraction doesn't phase Andre, but terrifies the shit out of Violet. It's also that love they have for each other that open their world to new possibilities. For Andre, his love for Violet helped me be more open to traveling to world. While Violet finds herself more and more comfortable staying in one place, something she's never felt before. Once on opposite sides, their love for each other gave them a new common ground moving forward. And that's something I'm always looking forward to in each of Melissa's romances.

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines. 

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  1. I'm so happy you enjoyed their past experiences! I'm lucky to have you for such a loyal reader! Thank you!! XOXO