Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Review: Hot of the Press by Kori Blue

Hot of the Press
Author: Kori Blue
Publisher: Totally Bound
Published: June 9, 2020
Source: ARC for review

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College reporter Jax North hates working with arrogant rich boy Lucas Hargrove, but there’s an arsonist on the loose and the sparks are already flying.

Journalism major Jax North has her eye on a scoop that could launch her career, but getting stuck working with arrogant rich boy Lucas Hargrove wasn’t part of the plan. Lucas is stubborn, sarcastic, privileged…all the things Jax can’t stand. Unfortunately, he’s also the hottest guy on campus. He drives Jax crazy in more ways than she could ever have imagined—despite her better judgment—and, when the unlikely duo’s investigation wanders off the beaten track, Jax finds herself in serious trouble.

A series of blazes have broken out across the small college town of Dalesburg, and Jax is trapped with Lucas in a burning building, with more than one fire to put out.

As the heady mix of lust and danger rises higher, the prickling tension between Jax and Lucas reaches fever pitch, and the flames aren’t going to be easy to extinguish.

Hello peeps! 

Since reviewing The Darkness at Fall's Creek on Monday I've discovering that it is part of an anthology called Bully for You from Totally Bound, which includes Hot off the Press. Since I started reviewing these short stories separately, I'm going to continue to do so. Keep an eye out for my review of the last story in the anthology, Chasing Charlie, which will be posted next week. 

Continuing with my binge of erotic new adult, I bring you Hot of the Press. Taking this short story for what it is, I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters. I loved the plot. I felt the chemistry and sexual tension between them. I would have loved it more if it was longer. Not necessarily a full length book, but the characters needed more time to build their chemistry. There were elements of the story that I wanted to read more about. I love the idea of Jax and Lucas following the arsonist story-line, maybe even trying to find the culprits on their own. Overall, it was a really good short story, but I know I would have loved it as a longer novella.

Kori Blue writes adult romance with an edge. In her stories, you'll find sharp, sassy women who know what they want... and strong, sexy men who've got just what they need.

Kori's stories often involve some kinky fun, and explorations of fantasies from the sinfully sweet to the downright dark and dirty. From the intimate stories of couples in Kori's Between Lovers series to the daring exploits of a call girl-turned-madam in the Midnight Candy books, and the dark, twisted tales of passion and obsession in Juniper Lake, a Kori Blue book is guaranteed to pull you into a world of intrigue and intensity, with characters you'll love, and heat you'll never forget!

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