Monday, January 21, 2013

Recipe for Satisfaction by Gina Gordon

Author: Gina Gordon
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Published: January 1, 2013
Format: ebook
Source: Netgalley
Synopsis from Goodreads:
Being the financial caretaker for her deadbeat parents isn’t the life professional organizer Sterling Andrews dreamed of. Tired of being the dependable—and boring—daughter, Sterling decides to have a little fun. And what could be more fun than seducing rich bad boy chef, Jack Vaughn? Except, after one scintillating night together, Sterling’s not only lusting for Jack, she’s working for him. And remaining professional becomes harder every day.

Already a major success thanks to his exclusive restaurants, Jack Vaughn is looking for something more. Ultra responsible Sterling is unlike anyone Jack has met…but she’s his employee. Unwilling to give her up, Jack makes Sterling an offer she can’t refuse—for four sexy weekends, he’ll indulge her most wicked fantasies with no professional strings attached. But will mixing business with pleasure spell disaster? Or will they find the recipe for satisfaction?
My Thoughts:
How did I feel about this book? Yum. Wow. Holy crap, that's hot. How was that? :)
Sterling Andrews is dependable. So dependable that her parents routinely take advantage of her and are slowly killing any chance she has for a happy future. Her best friend, Penn, forces her to attend a snazzy cruise/charity event for the Madewood brothers. There, as she is turning green from seasickness, Sterling decides to throw caution to the wind (and hopefully not upchucking in the process) and ditch her reputation by jumping one of the hottest guys I've read about in a book...Jack Vaughn. He is the youngest of four foster brothers of the late Vivian Madewood. He's hot, he can cook, and the man can make Sterling swoon with one glance. After their night together, Jack is desperate to see Sterling again and decides to help her be more daring as he takes her on a whirlwind romance of sex, sex, food, and more sex.
I felt incredibly sad for Sterling. Her parents really suck. Quite honestly, they are sucking the future from her. She's struggling to stay postive while she's putting her sisters through school and while her parents drain her bank accound with their gambling. She needed someone to be on her side. Jack... Jack, Jack, Jack. Where can I get one of him? Jack was what Sterling needed. He was gentle and kind when she needed it. He was hot and demanding when Sterling wanted that. And the fact that he was one of four foster brothers makes me love him even more now I know there will be three more books. :) And with the secondary characters (*ahem* Penn and Cole), the next books in the series will be just as hot.
I loved the book. It was filled with lots of different emotions from fury (how I felt towards Sterling's parents) to laughter (poor Sterling on the boat) to needing a fan (any scene between Sterling and Jack). Can't wait for the next book in the series...

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