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A Beautiful Forever by Lilliana Anderson

A Beautiful Forever
Series: Beautiful (#2)
Author: Lilliana Anderson
Published: February 2013
Format: eBook (also available in paperback)
Source: author for review

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Synopsis from Goodreads:
After ruining the best relationship he has ever had, Elliot's life takes a turn for the worse and he isn't happy with who he's become.

Deciding to spend three months in the UK on a working visa, in a bid to find himself again, he boards a plane to London. During the flight he meets Paige, a fellow Aussie with a closed heart and a lot to hide.

The closer he gets to Paige the more he's sure that she's hiding something. Will it be enough to send him running? Or does he love her enough to fight this time?

My Thoughts:
I tried telling myself to take a short break from books with an intense love. Thank goodness I never listen...

After his horrible break-up with Katrina, Elliot sort of lost his way. He finally stood up to his father. He wasn't happy with his career path as a barrister, so he quit and became a personal trainer. He's also become quite a lady's man with a string of one-night stands. After running into Katrina two years later, Elliot has a epiphany. He's realized that Katrina has moved on and he knows that has to as well. And that is where A Beautiful Forever begins. Elliot and Paige on a flight to London. Both are hoping for a fresh start from their pasts.

I admit... I was Team David in the first book, but I still really liked Elliot. I fell in love with him while reading this book. He's learned that his TSTL (too stupid to live) moment cost him what he thinks is true love. To see him struggle with Paige and fighting for her, it broke my heart. I wanted him to find happiness so badly and it almost seemed like he lose again. Poor Paige. Just from her thoughts, I knew something horrific happened to her, but her letter to Elliot. Why?!? I rarely understand why characters are so adamant that they are unlovable, but I can see where Paige is coming from. If I went through what she did, I'd probably think the same thing. Paige is a strong woman, but she's also very insecure. In the end, she allows Elliot to be her rock and they learn a lot from each other.

I loved this book. One aspect of the book that added to the story is the dual POV's. Its difficult to read an intense love with only one person's perspective. A Beautiful Forever switches between Elliot's and Paige's POV often and we see both perspectives in most scenes. I felt that added depth to the story. I also loved all of the characters, with the exception of Paige's parents. Worst. Parents. Ever. Especially her mom... Elliot and Paige's flat-mates in London were hysterical. They were supportive and pushed Paige to give Elliot a chance. I was a little confused with Katrina's appearances. I know that she had to be there for Elliot to move on, but I wanted someone to say "awkwaaaard" when she and Elliot were talking. I fell a bit more for Elliot when he said seeing Katrina at the end of the book made him notice how little they knew about each other. Lastly, I felt the book had the perfect amount of spacing. It didn't dwell on one event for too long and there were no weird time gaps. It progressed and flowed with ease. Fantastic book...

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