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Private Research by Sabrina Darby - Blog Tour!

"Don't judge me. And don't presume this is all about sex." - Sebastian Graham

Private Research
An Erotic Novella
Author: Sabrina Darby
Published: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Avon Impulse (Red)
Source: Edelweiss (via Tasty Book Tours)

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The last person PhD candidate Mina Cavallari expects to meet on her research trip to London is the sexy financier whose rejection devastated her. But Sebastian Graham is even more irresistible than he was two years ago, and she's no longer the innocent girl shocked at his indulgent pursuit of physical pleasure. Now she's ready to embark on a love affair on her terms—and is using every possible moment to live out her fantasies. Sebastian is more than happy to help Mina make her passionate dreams a reality. But he wants more, luring her into a search for a mysterious, underworld club where they can explore all of their sexual desires. He needs Mina completely at his mercy, and, unlike two years ago, this time he may not let her go. 

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At its core, Private Research is a heartbreaking story of two wounded characters that seem to be in a relationship that is doomed from the start. Mina Cavallari is a book worm that lives in the land of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. In her life before the book begins, she's the good girl that wants the perfect romance. She's the polar opposite from her roommate, Tanya. She has a secret crush on her friend, Sebastian Graham. One fateful night jars her reality. Her heart is so badly broken, she becomes a person she never wanted to be. She starts missing classes. She starts to party. And she starts to have sex with random guys. Sebastian is changed that night in his own way. After the deaths of his brother and father, he turns into a player while he's studying in America. He has his own strong feelings towards Mina and it scares him. He knows he badly messed up that night, so when fate brings them back together at the beginning of the book, he's decided he won't let her go without a fight. They fumble along to way in what seems like a relationship based solely on sex. But is it?

When I first started Private Research, I was a little disappointed in the relationship between Mina and Sebastian. All they were doing was having sex. Don't get me wrong, I love a book with lots of sex, but I also want something else in their relationship to make that sex meaningful. It was obvious from the start that Mina refused to allow Sebastian in her heart. Since we're only given her perspective, we really don't know how Sebastian is feeling. That was my first reaction. I actually really enjoyed the book after Mina moved in with Sebastian. By then it was obvious that he really had feelings for her and it just wasn't about sex. The little things he said and did made it so clear that he was willing to do anything for her. Even when she was trying to push him away by deliberately doing things that she knows would hurt him, Sebastian still stood firm and refused to let her go. It was refreshing to see this kind of possessiveness without the aggression or destructive behavior like we see in other books with a similar storyline. The ending actually had me tearing up because it was difficult to watch her knowingly hurt both of them. I would actually love to see their story continue because it'll be a bumpy road for them.

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Author Info
Sabrina Darby has been reading romance since the age of seven and learned her best vocabulary (dulcet, diaphanous, and turgid) from them. The day after her wedding she woke up with an idea for a novel and she’s been writing romance ever since. She is the author of On These Silken Sheets, The Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina Whitcombe and Entry-Level Mistress.

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