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Can't Stop Lovin' You by Lynnette Austin

"I'm trying like hell to avoid you, but you won't let me. This physical thing between us - it just takes over. Makes me forget what I want, what I don't. But it's chemistry, Brawley, pure and simple." - Maggie Sullivan

Can't Stop Lovin' You
Maverick Junction #3

Author: Lynnette Austin
Publisher: Forever Yours
Published: February 4, 2014
Source: Netgalley

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She's the only dream he wants . . .

Hometown girl Maggie Sullivan can't wait to get out of Maverick Junction. Designing the wedding gown of the year for her friend-and America's Favorite Heiress-is the break Maggie's been waiting for. But her lifelong dream takes an unexpected turn when she runs into her high school sweetheart-now the town's hotter-than-hot veterinarian.

Brawley Odell, country right down to the tips of his cowboy boots, has returned to take over the local animal doctor's practice. But the real reason he's in town is that he's never stopped thinking about the fiery green-eyed beauty who once captured his heart . . .

Can't Stop Lovin' You is a beautifully written story of second chances. Not only a second chance at love, but also a second chance at friendship. I love second chance romances. When two characters have a rocky history with one another, it makes for a powerful romance. Watching one character in the relationship do whatever is necessary to make amends with their love always makes me smile when they are able to get past their differences and fall in love. Lynnette Austin's book was all that and so much more. It is the third book in her Maverick Junction series (and I do recommend starting from the first book) so I had a little bit of an awkward first couple of chapters. Since I haven't read the first books, I found that this one started rather abruptly. With that said, I loved the beginning scene. Holy cow, did it show how much Brawley loved Maggie. The man was on a mission. Brawley and Maggie broke my heart so many times. These are two characters that deeply want to forget their past and move on. Maggie is guarded, but she still feels drawn to Brawley. She gives in to their love only to remember how heart broken she was when Brawley left and her guard goes right back up. Brawley's reaction to her pushing him away after their moments of passion nearly killed me. In the end, both characters realize that they have to follow their dreams in order to find happiness within. Brawley had to do it when he was 18 and now it is Maggie's turn. It hurts Brawley to watch her go, but it turns out for the best. That doesn't mean he won't find a way to visit her, because he does and it was awfully cute!

I loved everything Can't Stop Lovin' You had to offer. I adored the characters, both main and secondary. I loved the story and the fact that Maggie doesn't let Brawley get off easy for breaking her heart. The story broke my heart and pieced it back together. 

I don't normally do this because I am horrible making a playlist or a casting call for books, but while I was reading Can't Stop Lovin' You, these country songs kept playing in my head. I think they added to my broken heart and made me tear up during certain scenes. Below you'll find links to the music videos for these songs. Let me know if you agree or want to add your own playlist!

Over You - Miranda Lambert (Maggie's theme)
Til My Last Day - Justin Moore (Brawley's theme)
Thinking of You - Dierks Bentley (mentioned in book)

Lynnette Hallberg grew up in Pennsylvania's Alleghany Mountains, moved to New York, then to the Rockies in Wyoming. Presently she, her husband, and her Siamese cat divide their time between Naples, Florida's beaches and Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains. She has a Master's in Educational Leadership and taught middle school language arts before leaving it to write full-time. A lover of books, Lynnette loves to read and write and loves nothing better than to lose herself in her characters' world. Besides reading and writing, she loves to travel. She's visited all fifty states with the exception of Alaska. She's traveled extensively throughout Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and Central America---always on the lookout for new characters or a new story.

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Twitter: @LynnettAustin

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