Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Fling: A New Adult Anthology by Sara Fawkes, Lauren Hawkeye, Julia Kent, Cathryn Fox

"Well, well, well. Sounds like Chastity Cassidy is looking to ditch her nickname." - Travis Dean (Shake Me)

Spring Fling: A New Adult Anthology
Authors: Sara Fawkes, Lauren Hawkeye, Julia Kent, Cathryn Fox
Publisher: Avon Impulse (Red)
Publishes: March 11, 2014
Source: Avon Books for review

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Four tales of hot New Adult romance in New Orleans…

Party Spring Break–style with four bestselling romance authors, including Julia Kent and Sara Fawkes, as they dish out sexy tales of romance in the Big Easy!

Share Me by Julia Kent
Emma Barton has just been dumped—for being boring. Now she's letting loose and reclaiming her inner bad girl with not one, but two sexy strangers! Double the pleasure means double the fun, right?

Shake Me by Sara Fawkes
Determined to forget her cheating boyfriend, Cassidy Dupre agrees to a night out with playboy Travis Dean. But when she finds herself wanting more than she bargained for, this evening could spell desire … or disaster!

Show Me by Cathryn Fox
Eva Parker wants a lesson in seduction … from her brother's best friend. When teaching becomes tension, will they be able to keep it professional? Or will friends forever become something much hotter?

Shock Me by Lauren Hawkeye
Callie Gilmore is determined to break out of the friend zone with Ryder Hawkins. Donning a mask and making her move seems easy, but when fate throws a curveball, Callie must choose: turn and run… or embrace the night.

Whoooo! PARTY! Break out the beads as these good girls go to New Orleans...

Share Me by Julia Kent - Emma's boyfriend is a dip shit. If I could have, I totally would have reached into my Kindle to slug him. Good thing two hot guys swoop right in and show her a good time...together. HOT! I enjoyed this one, but it wasn't my favorite of the four novellas. I loved that the two guys pay so much attention to her and genuinely seem to care about her broken heart. I didn't like how the novella ended with Emma's relationship with David and Miki. I know it was a spring break fling, but I'd still like to know more of what happens when they get home. 

Shake Me by Sara Fawkes - Friends to lovers! Oh my gosh, this one was fantastic. I love the tension between Cassidy and Travis. She thinks he loves to torment her just to make her life miserable. He's secretly in love with her. I loved how protective he was of her as Cassidy drowned her anger with liquor. When he tells her why he started tormenting her... Swoon!

Show Me by Cathryn Fox - Hot! Best friend's sister wants lessons in seduction... Oh, what is a guy to do? Especially a guy that has been eyeing her from afar. Yep, another swoon-worthy novella. I love it when the guy stands up to the girl's brother. Hot...

Shock Me by Lauren Hawkeye - Sweet Mother of Pearl! I loved the mysteriousness of this one. There is something about masks and having the courage to do something you normally wouldn't do. For Callie, her mask gave her the courage to make a move on Ryder. Of course, it doesn't go as she planned... I loved this novella. Hot!

Short review today, but I really enjoyed all four of these novellas. Fun, super quick reads that'll make you wish you were on spring break with Emma, Cassidy, Eva, and Callie.  

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