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Review for SURRENDER by Tawny Taylor

"You're in for one hell of a challenge, sir." - Abby

Author: Tawny Taylor
Publisher: Aphrodisia
Published: May 27, 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 336
Source: Publisher for Review

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I was his.
To touch.
Any time he wanted.

Abby is ready to agree to anything to stop her brother from going to prison, but Kameron Maldondo, the owner of MalTech Corporation, is asking for the unexpected. Enthralled by his commanding brilliance, she agrees to be his assistant, at his beck and call for whatever he needs--whenever and however he wants. What that means is for him to decide and for her to submit to. Frightened yet fascinated by what he promises, Abby becomes a willing captive to his caress, undone by his peerless touch, a quivering submission to an aching need for complete carnal surrender. . .

I had a lot of mixed feelings about Surrender... So, I'm going to be doing things a bit different for this review.

What I Liked:
  • Element of Suspense - I was not expecting this at all. I thought Surrender was just going to be a sexual book with very little substance. I was surprisingly mistaken. I really enjoyed the mystery behind the theft. However, I wish it was fleshed out more. Its almost as if Abby figured out who the bad guy was in her mind and rarely clued us in.
  • Characters - I loved Abby and Kameron. I thought Abby was a strong female character that was willing to take care of her family. I wished she had cut her brother off years ago. It should have been obvious to her that he would never change and he'd eventually take her down with him. As for Kameron, I liked his transition, although I didn't like how hot/cold he ran with Abby. He should have been able to trust her. It felt as if he was ignoring the fact that she was drugged just like he was.
  • Sizzle Factor - Love! The chemistry between Abby and Kameron was off the charts. I liked the light BDSM between the couple. I loved the scenes where Kameron pushes Abby to test her limits. The scenes where Kameron is unable to control his emotions were the best. Yum!

What I Didn't Like:
  • Dialogue - I had a difficult time with some of the dialogue. There were some dialogue between different characters that felt like it had no emotion behind the words. And I'm sorry, but Abby's constant "ohmygod" got very repetitive. 
  • Villain - There was really no clues leading to who the villain was. I felt it could have been much more effective if there were little clues along the way to pointed towards this particular character. And how/why did they work together?

Overall, I enjoyed the book enough that it sucked me in and I couldn't put it down. Could it have been better? Yeah. I felt that if there was more focus on the suspense, it might have been better. As far as the sexual theme of the book, I loved it. Will it be my last book from the author? No, I'm looking forward to trying another one of Tawny's books.

Tawny Taylor has been writing romance for ten years. Her first novel, Tempting Fate, was published in 2004 and was an RT Reviewer's Choice nominee and highly reviewed book. To date, Tawny has over 50 published books by 5 publishers, including Pocket, Kensington, Ellora's Cave, Samhain and Changeling Press. They include several subgenres of romance including paranormal, contemporary, New Adult and romantic suspense. Among her best selling books are Dark Master, Decadent Master, and My Alpha Billionaire.

Tawny is grateful to her readers for allowing her dream of writing and publishing to come true. Her hope is to continue to write hot, sassy, sexy fiction for women for many years to come.

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Twitter: @tawnytauthor

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