Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review of TOTAL TEMPTATION (Club Ecstasy Novella #1) by Alice Gaines

"We should all try new things. Otherwise, we'll never learn and grow." - Cassandra Willis

Total Temptation
Series: Club Ecstasy Novella #1
Author: Alice Gaines
Publisher: Avon Impulse Red
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Source: Publisher for Review

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Looking for the ultimate fulfillment? The experts of Alice Gaines' sexy new Club Ecstasy series are here to take your pleasure to the next level …

Cassandra Willis is ready to let loose, ready to finally explore the sort of wild, uninhibited pleasure she's always dreamed of—but only if promised complete discretion. Club Ecstasy offers luxury and secrecy … and the lover of her dreams.

But as she explores her every desire and discovers a naughty side she never knew existed, Cassandra has to decide how complete her transformation will be. Will this sizzling encounter with the one man capable of meeting her every need be a mere diversion? Or will Cassandra's temptation lead to a new beginning … and a second chance at knowing herself?

Ready to achieve complete satisfaction? Visit Alice Gaines' sexy new Club Ecstasy series and discover a true dedication to pleasure …

Holy Hannah!! That was freaking hot. Going into Total Temptation, I knew it was a novella. And I know that in the last couple of reviews I said that if I love a novella, I'll typically wish it was longer. Well, I loved Total Temptation and it was the perfect length for the type of story it is. Warning, it is not a HEA for Cassandra and Bobby as a couple. For both, it is more of an eye-opening experience. Through her sexual experience with Bobby, Cassandra has learned to stand up for herself and be more assertive. She can now grab life by the balls and kick some ass. Bobby's transformation is much more subtle. I got the feeling that this was the first time a woman wanted more than sex from him. Cassandra wanted to know his story. She wanted to know what made him tick. Bobby has plans for himself and I think he felt closer to Cassandra than any of the other women he serviced. 

Total Temptation was fabulous. Not just for the sizzling hot sex, but because I also loved the characters. I loved the chemistry that ignited instantly. It was an amazing exploration into the life of a woman that although she's was happily married to a much older man, she never experienced all sex had to offer. Not just the pleasure, but also how empowering and freeing sex can be. I freaking love that this is the theme of the series and I cannot wait to devour books two and three. Bring on the next two couples!

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