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Review of Beyond Limits (Tracers #8) by Laura Griffin

"Have to say I'm a little disappointed. Thought you'd be happier to see me." - Derek Vaughn

Beyond Limits
Series: Tracers #8
Author: Laura Griffin
Publisher: Pocket Books
Release Date: January 27th, 2015
Source: Netgalley

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FBI agent Elizabeth LeBlanc is still caught in the aftermath of her last big case when she runs into the one man from her past who is sure to rock her equilibrium even more. Navy SEAL Derek Vaughn is back home from a harrowing rescue mission in which he found evidence of a secret terror cell on US soil. Elizabeth knows he’ll do anything to unravel the plot—including seducing her for information. And despite the risks involved, she’s tempted to let him. . . .

On the surface Derek’s offering a simple deal—Elizabeth provides him with intel, he delivers the terrorist. But he knows nothing about Elizabeth is easy, and now their volatile relationship threatens to distract him from the most important mission of his career. Together with the forensics experts at the Delphi Center, he and Elizabeth are closing in on the truth, but it may not be fast enough to avert a devastating impending attack . . . or stop a ruthless enemy from escaping to kill again.

Before I get into my review for Laura Griffin's Beyond Limits, I want to share a bit about my love of romantic suspense. I love the genre, but it has been a couple years since I've read a romantic suspense book of this magnitude. Now, I'm sure you are thinking to yourself - "Crystal, what the hell does that mean?" To me, there are 2 types of romantic suspense books - those that are heavier with the suspense and those that are heavier with the romance. I love both types and I have devoured many of them, it has just been a very long time since I've picked up a romantic suspense book that was heavier on the suspense. Going into Beyond Limits, I was afraid that since it has been so long, I wouldn't like it or get into it. That couldn't have been farther from the truth. I loved Beyond Limits and I hope it is the kick in the pants that I needed to start reading these types of books again.

At the RWA literacy signing in 2012, I was told that if I loved Lisa Jackson, then I need to read Laura's books. Why the heck didn't I listen sooner?! I wouldn't have been so far behind in this fabulous series. If I could reach, I'd kick myself in the butt. I loved Beyond Limits. The action! The tension! The romance between Derek and Elizabeth! Everything in between... Loved it. Although, I probably shouldn't have read it days after watching American Sniper. That made some things a little too real for me, especially the ending. Derek and Elizabeth were both kick-ass characters. Honestly, I loved when Derek would seemingly pop out of nowhere. There are two secondary characters that got a lot of page time together and I am very curious to see if that'll lead to another book. The big reveal towards the end was fantastic. The ending had me on the edge of my Kindle. Laura's writing was top notch. I loved this book.

Beyond Limits was my first Laura Griffin book and as a Tracer newbie, I was okay with not starting from the beginning of the series. You do meet a least one character from a previous book, but it wasn't a big obstacle for me. With that said, I will definitely go back and pick up the previous books. My fingers are crossed that Beyond Limits will push me back into the world of romantic suspense that I loved in the past.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author LAURA GRIFFIN started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of romantic suspense. She is a two-time RITA Award winner (for the books Scorched and Whisper of Warning) as well as the recipient of the Daphne du Maurier Award (for Untraceable). Laura currently lives in Austin, where she is working on her next book. Visit Laura at or

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  1. So happy you enjoyed! Thank you for hosting BEYOND LIMITS! Don't forget to start the series by reading THREAD OF FEAR and WHISPER OF WARNING first....Ya NEED to read about my man Jack (and Fiona, who you meet in BEYOND LIMITS)