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Review of Tycoon's Delicious Debt (The Chatsfield #15) by Susanna Carr

"Sweetheart, here's a word of warning for you - I always win." - Cooper Brock

Tycoon's Delicious Debt
Series: The Chatsfield #15
Author: Susanna Carr
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
Release Date: June 16, 2015 (eBook July 1, 2015)
Source: author for review

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He has a debt to pay...

Cooper Brock knows Serena Dominguez can ruin him with a snap of her delectable fingers, but he won't give in to her demands easily. Instead, he gives Serena his own ultimatum: to confront the smoldering attraction between them.

And she's ready to collect!

Serena has spent her life planning the downfall of this man. But when she yields to his challenge, Serena is stripped bare by Cooper's raw passion. As he holds her in his arms and whispers her name, Serena realizes she may have just fallen in love with her enemy.

Oh, my gosh. Talk about a time warp! When I started to venture into the wild world of contemporary romance, it was the timeless Harlequin Presents that sucked me in. I remember picking up new books in the store and finding the pull-out postcard to send in for a free book. For a couple months, I was even a subscriber. Oh, how I looked forward to that lovely box of books each month. Mind you, I was probably 17 or 18 at the time, but this was my idea of book heaven. I always remember them being quick and steamy books that kept my imagination flowing. It has been a long time since I picked up a Harlequin Presents title and, let me tell you, it was like greeting an old friend that you haven't chatted with in years. After that initial squeal and embrace, you spend the next several hours immersed in discussion. Well, I squealed when Susanna Carr first contacted me... I wanted to hug my Kindle when I opened the book... And I spent several hours (okay, two or so hours) immersed in the sexy enemies-to-lovers romance that she created. It was honestly like picking up an old friend and now I want more.

Enemies-to-lovers is one of my most loved troupes in romance. It is also one that I don't get to read very often. The tension between the hero and the heroine melting into sizzling hot sexual chemistry... The angry glares that turn into glaces of burning desire... That moment when they finally give in.... Holy hottness, I need a fan. Susanna Carr's Tycoon's Delicious Debt had all that and so much more. It wasn't over the top sexy, but the sexual tension between Cooper and Serena was amazing. I would have loved to experience their first meeting, perhaps in a flashback, but you still get the sense of how their meeting went from the way both characters talk about it. I loved that both characters were a wounded in their own right. Their childhood's were polar opposite and I think that helped out a lot when it came time for them to overcome their pasts and learn to let go. Cooper! Oh dear, his possessiveness towards Serena. Cooper knows what he wants and he'll be damned if Serena continues to ignore the desire flowing between them. She feels it too and the moment she stops fighting it... YUM! I did have one moment of confusion with a scene that, in my opinion, didn't quite fit in. I loved the scene itself, but I wish it had more of a lead in and explanation. If you want to know what scene I'm talking about, head over to my review on Goodreads and I'll explain it more with a spoiler tag. I don't want to discuss it more here because that'll give things away. Anyhoo, I had so much fun reading Tycoon's Delicious Debt. Carr's writing was everything I loved in Harlequin. The enemies-to-lovers romance was a blast to read. And now I am itching to go back and start the Chatsfield series at the beginning. I have a feeling that this is going to lead me back into reading more Harlequin Presents in the future.

Readers throughout the world find Susanna Carr's contemporary romances a delightful escape that has often helped them through difficult times. Reviewers describe her award-winning stories as "fun", "sexy" and "a must read". She celebrates her 25th book release with Tycoon's Delicious Debt.

Susanna Carr lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. When she isn’t writing, Susanna enjoys reading romance and connecting with readers online. Visit her website at susannacarr.com.

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