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A visit with Kathy Clark, author of Deep Night

It is my pleasure to welcome author Kathy Clark. Kathy is here to celebrate the release of Deep Night and to talk to us about how being a hero is in his DNA. 

Take it away, Kathy!

As the mother of five sons, I’ve had a lot of time to study the male species which makes me comfortable writing about men.  When I created the Denver Heroes series, I briefly considered making the heroes fellow Denver first responders.   But I quickly decided that if they were brothers, it would add layers to their personalities that wouldn’t be there if they were just friends or associates.

Rusty Wilson is the oldest.  Keeping with the theory of birth order, he is an independent, intelligent free spirit.  As with many young boys, he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up.  But Rusty followed through.  It’s how he lives his life.  If he wants something, he goes after it…and he always gets it.  He loves his job and his lifestyle.  He saves people’s lives and property on a daily basis, but he plays hard in his free time.

Sam Wilson is the middle brother.  Like most middles, he is flexible and social.  He knows how to negotiate and compromise.  Because he is neither the oldest nor the youngest, he has learned to negotiate.  All of those skills make him a perfect cop.  He’s kind, considerate and not a hot-shot.  He truly cares about the people on the streets in his district.

Chris Wilson is the youngest, and has always lived in the shadow of his older brothers.  While they were busy with sports and buddies, he discovered his own interests.  He befriended the girl next door, and they had great adventures outdoors with their horses and dogs.  His brothers had chosen their careers as public servants early, but Chris decided to take a different route.  His parents hadn’t been too happy when he joined the military.  His original choice had been the Marines, but since they don’t have a medical division, he became a field medic with the Navy.  It was his way of pursuing a career in medicine while helping a cause he believed in.  After being injured, his transition into civilian life forces him to make decisions about his future he wasn’t quite ready to make.  He gets a job as a paramedic to put his trauma experience to good use while he attends medical school.

The Wilson brothers are all strong, independent men who have very different personalities.  But they all inherited the gene that made them want to help people.  My challenge, as an author, was to show their individual personalities and yet illustrate the strength of their familial bond.  Even as grown-ups, they are merciless in their teasing and bantering, and yet, they’re first to jump to each other’s defense.

I loved writing about these brothers.  Sam and Rusty were pretty straight-forward guys.  Chris was more complicated.  His planned military career ended early, so he had to go to Plan B.  Once home, he makes the bold move of leaving the comfort and protection of his parents’ home and moving in with his childhood friend who is also a paramedic.  With the love and support of his family, especially his brothers who face danger every day and have learned how to deal with it, Chris is able to avoid having a full-blown case of PTSD. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t affected by it as a buddy from the Marines and Chris’s roommate both are suffering from their own private demons.

I have another wonderful family in my next series, Austin Heroes.  Justin Archer, the oldest and a Texas Ranger, Nick, the middle and a DEA agent and Luke, the youngest who is a homeland security officer.  I can’t wait to spend some time with them and their hippy grandmother.

So, I hope you fall in love with the Wilson brothers (and eventually, the Archers).  I’d love to hear which one you love the most.  Of course, like any mother, I’m not supposed to have a favorite…but I do.  I’m just not telling!


Deep Night
Denver Heroes # 3
Kathy Clark
August 18, 2015

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Sure to thrill readers of Nora Roberts and Karen Robards, the breathtaking Denver Heroes series from New York Times bestselling author Kathy Clark continues as two adrenaline junkies find themselves fighting unexpected passion—and unspeakable terror.

Ex-soldier Chris Wilson lost too many friends to war. Back home in Denver, he’s trying to make a difference as a paramedic, treating victims of crisis situations. Not even active combat could prepare Chris for the rush he gets when violence and tragedy collide, but the job isn’t the only thing making his heart race. His partner is his closest confidant from childhood, and the girl he remembers is now a strong, sensual woman . . . who needs him more than ever.

Sara Richards is more comfortable risking her life than asking for help. The petite blonde medic put a wall around her heart long ago, vowing to never let anyone hurt her again. Only now her long-buried secrets threaten to destroy everything she’s built. And though she should be able to trust Chris, his smoldering blue-gray eyes ignite desires that feel more dangerous than whatever’s lurking in the shadows. For once, Sara can’t go it alone. But Chris might just be stubborn enough to stand by her side as she faces down her worst nightmare.

Kathy Clark is a New York Times bestselling author whose novels have sold more than three million copies in eleven languages. Her plot lines have always championed women’s empowerment, placing strong female characters in real-life situations. Her stories will make you laugh and cry, and her characters will live in your heart forever. She lives with her husband and co-author, Bob Wernly.

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