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Spotlight & Excerpt from Desire Me More (Desire Me # 2) by Tiffany Clare

Desire Me More
Desire Me # 2
Tiffany Clare
August 4th, 2015
Avon Impulse

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He was her lover…and her employer.

From the moment Amelia Grant accepted the position of secretary to Nicholas Riley, London's most notorious businessman, she knew her life would be changed forever. For Nick didn't want just her secretarial skills…he wanted her complete surrender. And she was more than willing to give it to him, spending night after night in delicious sin. As the devastatingly insatiable Nick teaches her the ways of forbidden desire, Amelia begins to dream of a future together…

But in the light of day, sinister shadows lurk, determined to tear them apart.

He didn't release her from his gaze. He stared at her as though plotting to do very wicked things-and as if he would devour her any second. 
She never wanted to get out of bed. She wanted to stay here until neither of them could move or talk and were too sore to even walk. 
His breathing grew erratic as her hand stroked his hard length. She liked that he was letting his guard down, letting her see what her touch did to him. She grasped him tighter when his hand encouraged it. 
Nick flipped her on her back and hovered over her before she could bring him to completion. 
"How do you do this to me?" she asked, breathless. 
He did not answer; his gaze locked on hers, his body hard and hot everywhere it pressed into hers. Absently, she stroked his arm, feeling the flex of muscle and the power he held just under the surface. She wanted to scratch her nails along his skin as he entered her but felt suddenly shy. 
He leaned in and swept his tongue into her mouth, tasting her deeply. Her body grew heated and needy in a matter of seconds. She wanted him inside her, so in silent plea for more, she spread her legs as wide as her night rail would allow. She tilted her pelvis up, grinding herself against his thigh, trying to find some sort of release. 
Nick pushed the material up and out of the way. He had her night rail off before she could offer to help. Her hands molding to the scars that crisscrossed his beautiful back. Every time she touched them she wanted to ask what had happened, who had hurt him, but the words stuck in her throat. 
Nick held her hands above her head; then he positioned his body between her legs and worked his rigid penis inside her. Her whole body trembled with relief as he filled her, inch by tortuous inch. 
When she tested his hold on her hands, he said, "Move them, and I'll tie you to the bed."
She bit her bottom lip. She almost wanted to dare him. Almost. Instead, she squeezed her thighs around his hips as he pulled out halfway before sliding back into her with a force that shook the bed frame.

Deciding that life had far more to offer than a nine to five job, bickering children and housework of any kind (unless she’s on a deadline when everything is magically spotless), TIFFANY CLARE opened up her laptop to write stories she could get lost in. Tiffany writes sexy historical romances set in the Victorian era. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids and two dogs and you can find out more about her and her books at

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