Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review: Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie

"In October, I cared. In November, I decided you were a thoughtless, inconsiderate loser. And in December, I forgot all about you." - Trudy Maxwell

Hot Toy
Author: Jennifer Crusie
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Source: Netgalley

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Previously published in the anthology Santa, Baby, HOT TOY is now available as a standalone e-story for the first time!

Mayhem ensues under the mistletoe as a determined shopper grabs the very last hot toy action figure off the shelf, only to find herself plunged into the middle of a real-life spy game and in the arms of a sexy secret agent...

Confession time... Back in the day, I was a big fan of Jennifer Crusie. I loved her books and I collected quite a few of them. Somehow I got lost along the way and I haven't picked up one of her books in several years. When Hot Toy popped up, I knew I had to read it. I needed to get back into the Crusie-swing of things and fall back in love with her books. And wow, it didn't take long for Hot Toy to remind me of all things I loved about Jennifer's writing. Her characters are sweet with a side of crazy. The situations she puts them in are hysterical. I could not stop giggling at one in the morning. Not the smartest time, I admit, but I could not help myself. I had to read this little holiday novella as soon as possible. And I'm so glad I did because now that I have, I need to get back into her books. If you've never tried one of Jennifer Crusie's works, give Hot Toy a shot. The action packed novella will give new readers a little glimpse into the world that Jennifer creates. As for me, I think 2016 will be the year I re-introduce myself to the books I loved years ago.

From Jennifer's website...

Jenny lives in a cottage on a lake in New Jersey, surrounded by wild life and good people, where she is currently working on Lavender’s Blue, a Liz Danger mystery, and is in the early stages of planning three new solo novels and another with a brand new collaborator. Her solo novels continue to explore women’s journeys, especially issues dealing with relationships, friendships, community, and creativity, and her collaborations give her the opportunity to explore those same things in real life. She is a very fortunate woman, and she knows it.

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