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A visit with Kait Gamble, author of Fuel to the Fire

It is my pleasure to welcome Totally Bound author Kait Gamble. Kait is visiting us today to introduce the sexy hero from her new book, Fuel to the Fire, Logan Forrester.

Take it away, Kait!

When I start writing my stories it’s usually with the heroine, hero and the general plot in mind. With Fuel to the Fire I had all that and then some. When it came to the hero, I knew the kind of hero I wanted. Someone handsome, smart. Irresistible. But, as it seems to be happening more and more lately, Logan developed further as I wrote.

I should preface this by saying, I like complicated heroes. There needs to be a reason for why they are like they are. Well, I need a reason. So as I write I tend to peel back the layers to try and figure out what makes them tick. I knew from the beginning that Logan was a smart guy, so why would a guy who seemed to have everything going for him walk out on the love of his life?

After writing his interactions with Jackie for a little while, it occurred to me that not being from the same social class as Jackie could put an awfully big chip on his shoulder. Even someone as smart and logical as Logan. Especially if they believe that’s the reason they’re not together. The idea that he doesn’t belong in Jackie’s world and that he can’t provide her with what she’s used to is both his Achilles heel and what ends up being the driving force behind his success. Even if it was only to the ghost of her in his mind he needed to prove to himself that he could be the man she wanted.

I think it makes an interesting dichotomy for his character to deal with. With all his emotions warring in his head it’s his heart that tells him that Jackie is still the one for him. But it’s up to him to decide whether or not to listen to it or to hold onto the anger that’s been eating at him for so long.

However, the thing about stubborn men is once they’ve got their mind set on a belief it’s all you can do to change it.

And Logan is definitely stubborn as they come. I know I had a hell of a time getting him to see reason. Throughout the book he sees clues and his intuition tells him that things aren’t as they seem but he refuses to take any notice focusing only on getting back at Jackie. Will he get over himself and figure things out before it’s too late?

His chuckle died when his gaze fell on Jackie, who had just appeared at the entrance to the restaurant. 
Her wide-eyed glance at the room and the way she clenched and unclenched her hands at her sides were a red flag that she was uncomfortable, even dreading being there. Was that because of him?  
As far as he could tell, she hadn’t even seen him yet.  
Logan continued to watch her.  
Obviously recovered from her flight, Jackie presented a stunning figure in that little dress. It showed off her long, shapely legs to fantastic effect. Her hair gleamed in the low light, adding to the glow that seemed to surround her. He witnessed her transformation from timid bunny to fierce tigress as she swept her hair over her shoulder. She straightened her spine and put a smile on her face as she strode in.  
He bit his lip, forcing back the urge to go over, pick her up and take her to his room. It was just the lighting—his hormones. It was amazing what the right clothes, hair and makeup could do. 
Logan clenched his fists and forced himself to look away.  
“Jackie!” Caroline’s mother smiled hugely when she saw Jackie. The woman immediately swooped, as if Jackie was the most important lady in the room. “You look wonderful, dear. Didn’t I tell you a little time at the spa would work miracles?”  
The woman’s snide comment rankled him. What the hell was that supposed to mean? He might not have any claim on Jackie, but he knew she was the most striking woman in the restaurant. She could have been dragged backward through bushes and worn a sack and would still have been miles prettier than all the other women present. Unless she wanted to make a dig at Jackie because she made her and Caroline look like a couple of hags?  
He kept his mouth shut as the harridan made an outrageous fuss over Jackie before ushering her over to the empty seat next to Logan.  
“We thought pairing the couples who are to walk down the aisle together would be a good idea so that you could all get to know each other a little better.” Regina practically frog-marched Jackie to the seat. He was sure that if Jackie hadn’t sat as easily as she had, the old woman would have kicked her legs out from under her.  
The waft of a scent that came from Jackie shot straight to his groin and had him shifting in his seat. The delicate aroma of her mingled with a lightly floral perfume and it made his mouth water.  
“Hi.” Jackie barely even looked at him as she settled into her seat.  
Logan saw her catch Caroline’s attention as she entered with Charles. Her friend’s eyes widened when she saw them together. She raised her eyebrows at Jackie, who shrugged minutely, and he knew there was some sort of silent communication passing between the two women.  
So she was stuck seated next to him. So what? Was she so revolted by him that she couldn’t even stand sitting there? 
He shifted and accidentally touched her foot with his. Jackie jolted as if he’d wound up and kicked her. What the hell? 

Fuel to the Fire
Kait Gamble
Totally Bound
December 8, 2015

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Can past hurts be forgotten to make a future together?

Jaqueline Pennington once had the world at her feet, but she threw it all away for a man from the wrong side of the tracks—handsome, smart and the love of her life, Logan Forrester—only to find that she’d dropped everything for him to abandon her.

Logan wanted one thing out of life—to be with Jackie and give her the life she deserved. When that plan went to hell, he walked away and applied himself to becoming a prosperous security software engineer. A job that, years later, brings him back to Jackie.

They haven’t seen or heard from each other since that fateful night, but the chemistry that still crackles between them is too good for either one to pass up. So Jackie and Logan reach an agreement and burn off the sexual tension, getting closure during their time in St. Lucia.

But what happens to their plans when the truth about their separation comes out? Can they get over the past to build a future?

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of voyeurism.

An inveterate traveller, Kait has set foot on three continents and has the other four on her bucket list (yes, even Antarctica). Until she can see them all, she writes romances that take readers to far flung locales, often to places she’s been or hopes to one day go. For now, she’s settled in England where she spends most of her time plotting, scribbling ideas on every available scrap of paper and trying out dialogue on her cat.

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