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Review: After Party Affair (At Full Tilt #1) by Isabel Raven

"It'll be fun." - Becky Smithton

After Party Affair
Series: At Full Tilt
Author: Isabel Raven
Publisher: Totally Bound
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Source: publisher for review

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A vengeful seduction leads Becky Smithton to an unforgettable night of forbidden passion.

Nineteen-year-old Becky Smithton never imagined she’d be invited to her friend Lorna’s birthday bash only to be humiliated. After the party is over, Becky finds herself seething with fury, wandering outside and itching for revenge. But what can she do to get back at Lorna and her snobbish mother? A walk through the woods and a chance encounter with Lorna’s bodilicious father, Grant, presents the perfect opportunity.

Seducing the dark, handsome—and forbidden—thirty-six-year-old should be easy, right? But Grant is made of stronger stuff than other men and soon it’s Becky who’s struggling with frustrated desire. What’s more, her heart is doing funny things and so is her mind, filling her with sudden what-the-hell? Pregnancy fantasies involving Grant. As for her body, well, it’s naked and wet, and all she wants is for Grant to dive into the swimming pool and give her what she craves—shallow and deep. After all, if her seduction succeeds then their tryst would only be a meaningless, after party affair…


Reader Advisory: This book contains themes of adultery.

When I'm reading a romance, adultery is something I tend stay away from. However, when I'm reading an erotic romance, I've got three words... Bring. It. On. Anything goes in erotica and that's why I devoured this hot little number from Isabel Raven. Isabel's writing was fun and sexy. Her characters were well developed for a short novella. A super steamy read to get that imagination flowing. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the novellas. 

I don't often recommend books for readers that have read a certain author, but I think fans of Selena Kitt will enjoy After Party Affair. It has the taboo relationship that Kitt lovers are familiar with and scorching sex scenes that all erotic fans devour. Definitely give Isabel a shot and pick up this novella. Excellent erotic story from a relatively new author.

Excerpt from Totally Bound
Four-inch heels are not ideal for tiptoeing across polished marble floors, but I did my best not to make a sound. Everybody inside the Halston mansion was asleep, happily exhausted after Lorna’s eighteenth birthday party. Everybody, that is, except me. I’d had a great time at first, drinking and dancing with Lorna’s other friends and her parents’ guests. Then I’d overheard Mark bloody Scoffield say I looked like a cheap whore and my enjoyment had palled. So what if I couldn’t afford expensive clothes and a hairdresser’s magic touch? I did the best I could with the assets I had. Yeah, and nobody had been in doubt of those. 
Damn Lorna to hell! 
Thinking of my humiliation, I let myself out of the front door and into the warm summer night. Lorna had said her bash was a risqué Barbie and Ken doll party, the opposite of the staid celebration they’d held for her high school graduation a few weeks before. But on my arrival, her parents’ massive house had been peppered with black ties and designer gowns—and me, dressed like Bimbo Barbie. 
“A last-minute change because Mum is a prude. Didn’t you get my text?” Lorna had said with an apologetic expression on her face. She’d looked at her own chic dress and sighed. “I would lend you something to wear but it would never fit.” True, since she was short and small-chested like her mother, Kate. Mrs. Halston had the graceful body of a ballerina, thin and petite. Her sour, disparaging look, however, packed the punch of a meaty butcher’s fist. “Hello, Betsy,” she’d said. 
“Becky.” No matter how many weekends I spent at Lorna’s, her mother never got it right. “Sorry I’m not dressed appropriately.”

I adore creating stories about men and women who break boundaries to explore their secret kinks and desires. I write what I like to read: erotic tales containing scorching intimacy between protagonists with plenty of character. In real life I’m attracted to flawed personalities, people who don’t always do the right thing. For that reason my heroines and heroes are never picture perfect. They’re passionate and driven though, and that means they sometimes disregard social taboos and traditions to follow their hearts—with plenty of hot and sweaty sex along the way.

I’m pretty flawed myself, but I’m lucky to have a fabulous husband who loves me regardless and who doesn’t mind the amount of time I spend writing. We have two easy going, young daughters and a Scottish Fold feline who requires daily adulation in the form of constant petting. 

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