Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review: Chloe (Made Men #3) by Sarah Brianne

"You're not like any other girl I know, Chloe." - Amo

Series: Made Men #3
Author: Sarah Brianne
Publisher: Young Ink Press
Release Date: April 29, 2016

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Chloe’s scarred face makes her the school’s freak.

Her reflection is a constant reminder of how she got them.
The man who scarred her haunts not only her dreams, but also her reality.
Some nightmares don’t go away in the daylight.

Two men stand up to save her from the nightmares.
Both are men of the mafia, waiting behind a door she doesn’t want to open.
Amo the soldier and Lucca the underboss.
The Beast and the Boogieman.

Who will she choose?

If you've read my previous reviews for Nero and Vincent, then you'll know that I am absolutely in love with Sarah Brianne's Made Men series. I love the complexity of the stories, the raw emotions and love between the characters. I cannot get enough. When Chloe first came out, I did not know about the ending nor did I know that it would mostly be a retelling of the first two books from Chloe's perspective. And while I was disappointed at first that we would not be getting her whole book just yet, I commend Sarah for writing the book the way she did. In all honestly, to write it any other way would have done Chloe a great disservice. Her background is so tragic that we really had to start from the beginning to get the whole impact from her life. Through her flashbacks, readers see how her relationships between Amo and Lucca began. How these two men affect her and how they, in their own ways, help her heal. Everything about this book was phenomenal. The mystery of her scars kept me guessing. Although I have my theories, I still have no clue who attacked her. That ending, though. I had to read it a couple times before it finally clicked for me. I'm hoping that we don't have to wait too long for the conclusion, but until then... I'll be counting down the days.

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Hey! My name is Sarah Brianne and after living for twenty-two years the characters in my head told me enough was enough and I have finally put pen to paper (or is it finger to keyboard?) to tell their stories. Since I was a little girl I have watched every chick flick I could get my hands on, then when I became older I discovered a whole new world of romance novels. To me there is nothing better then a tale of true love and those are the stories that have inspired me to write. Like everything else in my life I have put my own spin on two lovers destined to be together.

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