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Spotlight: Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour #1) by Olivia Cunning

Backstage Pass
Sinners on Tour #1
Olivia Cunning
Sourcebooks Casablanca
June 7, 2016

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THE SINNERS ARE BACK - Reissue of the first in a sizzling rock-star romance series from USA Today bestselling author Olivia Cunning.

It’s been months since Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist for the famous rock band, The Sinners, composed anything. Unable to write the music that once flowed so naturally, Brian is lost without his musical mo-jo. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian may have found the spark he needs to re-ignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, will Brian be able to convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling, and that now that he’s found his heart’s muse, he doesn’t want to live without her?

His heart rate picked up beneath her ear. She smiled. “What are you thinking?” 
He hugged her closer. “It’s emotional. You wouldn’t approve.” 
“Don’t be that way. I want to know.” 
“I’ll tell you later.” His hand moved to the zipper of her skirt. The garment landed in a puddle at her feet. She kicked it aside. 
He drew her camisole over her head, leaving her in her bra, garters, stockings, and high heels. Her panties were still in his pocket. He took her hands and held her arms away from her sides, stepping back so he could get a good look at her. 
He grinned deviously. “You do know how to get a man in the mood, Professor. I wondered what you had on under that conservative suit. Even better than I imagined.” 
She flushed with pleasure. “I always wonder why I buy frilly underwear when no one ever gets to see it but me.” 
“I’m seeing it. It’s very nice. Feminine. Sexy.” 
He scooped her up into his arms and she gasped in surprise. Kneeling on the bed, he crawled up the mattress, carrying her along with him. Her shoes tumbled off the end of the bed with a clatter. He gently laid her on top of the comforter and stretched out beside her, brushing the skin of her lower belly with the back of his hand. She shivered. 
His finger traced the edge of her white, lacy bra. “So no one gets to see your underwear?” He grinned. Smugly. 
“Not recently,” she said. “Present company being the exception.” 
He kissed her passionately, his hand cupping her breast over her bra. When his mouth drew away, he whispered, “Let’s keep it that way.” 
When she didn’t deny the logic of the idea, he smiled. 
“Of course, the rest of your band has seen me naked,” she reminded him. 
“But it didn’t mean anything.” 
Her legs started to tingle as warmth sank into her flesh. She reached for the edge of the comforter and folded it over herself. 
“You’re still cold, aren’t you?” 
She nodded, shivering slightly. He climbed from the bed, removed his boots and pants, and then climbed between the sheets in his boxers and socks. He held the covers up and she crawled beneath them with him. Brian spooned against her back and draped a leg over hers, cocooning her in his warmth. When she shuddered with cold, he tucked the heavy comforter under her chin. 
“You’re freezing,” he whispered, his nose pressed under her ear. 
“I noticed. And you’re so warm.” She snuggled closer. 
His arms tightened around her. “You like me, don’t you?” 
“What makes you say that?” 
“When I called you this afternoon, I thought you’d just hang up on me. Those stupid girls yelling at me to sign their tits the moment I got you on the phone. Great timing, I thought. It took me two weeks to find the balls to call you.” 
“If I had any sense, I would have hung up on you.” 
“And now you’re here. Willing to drop everything and hop on a plane to see me.” 
“For entirely selfish reasons. Trust me.” 
“Willing to freeze half to death and ride on a motorcycle in a skirt to be here.” 
“Hey, it’s a really nice bike.” 
“You like me. Admit it.” 
“A little,” she said, grinning to herself. 
He squeezed her closer. “Wanna go to Vegas and get married?” 
She frowned. “No. Why do you keep asking me that?” 
“Because I want to marry you, why else?” 
“Marriage is not my idea of a good time.” 
“How would you know?” 
“I tried it. Didn’t like it.” 
“You were married?” He leaned away from her. She glanced over her shoulder at him. 
“Yeah. I’ve been divorced for almost five years now. I’d like to keep it that way.” 
“Well, that explains a few things. He hurt you badly, didn’t he?” He stroked her hair from her face and kissed her temple. 
“Yeah, actually, he did.” 
“I’d never hurt you, Myrna.” 
She snorted derisively. “How many times have I heard that same old song?” 
He kissed her cheek tenderly. Her jaw. “Never. No one’s heard the songs we make together. We write them as we go. I haven’t written more than three notes since the last time we made love.” 
“Then I think it’s time to write another.” 
“I agree. But I’ve got a few questions first.” 
She rolled over to face him. “This sounds serious.” 
“Now that I know you aren’t sleeping with any other men—” 
“Well, there is BOB.” 
His face fell. “Bob?” 
“Yeah, but he never actually sleeps with me. Just gives me fantastic orgasms, then I put him back in the drawer. I have to change his double A’s occasionally, but he’s fairly low maintenance.” 
His brow furrowed. “A vibrator?” 
She grinned. “Multi-functional with attachments. BOB. My Battery Operated Boyfriend.” 
“God, don’t tease me like that. You ripped my heart out of my chest for a minute there.” 
“Aw, I’m sorry.” She stroked his longish, black hair from his face. “I’m not really sleeping with anyone.” 
“So you aren’t on birth control?” 
“I have an IUD. Wait a minute. Is this the it’s-time-to-stop-using-condoms conversation?” 
“I keep dreaming about coming inside of you.” 
“You dream about it?” 
“All the time. I’m usually awake, but…” 
She laughed and kissed him. He looked so hopeful as he gazed into her eyes. “Pregnancy isn’t the only thing we have to worry about, Brian. There are STDs—” 
He leaned over her body, opened a drawer in a side table and pulled out a piece of paper. “I’ve already been checked. See. All clear.” He held up a printout from a clinic. 
“But what if I’m not?” 
His face fell. “Is that a possibility? I’ve been inside you more than once without any protection.” 
“I tested disease free at my last appointment.” 
“And I haven’t slept with anyone but you since.” 
“Awesome.” He tossed the printout aside and climbed on top of her. He worked his boxers down his thighs and lowered his head to kiss her throat. 
“Did you plan all this? Why did you have your test results in a drawer next to the bed?” 
He lifted his head to gaze down at her. “Myrna, you’re under my skin. I’ve been planning for your return since the moment you left me behind in Des Moines. I have several surprises for you, actually.” 
Intrigued, she lifted an eyebrow at him. “What kind of surprises?” 
“If I told you, they wouldn’t be surprises.” 
“That’s true.” 
“So can I come inside you?” 
“There’s no reason why you can’t.” 
“Yes.” Fist clenched in victory, he leaned out of the bed again, retrieving something from the drawer. “Now for one of your surprises.”

Raised on hard rock music, award-winning author Olivia Cunning has been known to travel over a thousand miles to see a favorite band in concert. She lives in Quincy, Illinois, where she enjoys sitting on the beach with her feet in the surf and penning naughty books about rock stars.

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