Saturday, September 2, 2017

Pass the Popcorn: I Knew Annabelle Was Trouble

I. Hate. Creepy. Dolls. You know the type of dolls I'm talking about, right? Anything from Chucky to old fashion dolls, I don't like them. Fun fact, I used to have a large doll that could have been Chucky's older brother. Granted, he didn't really freak me out until I watched Chucky for the first time. Once I did, the Chucky look-a-like got chucked out the window. *shudders*

As much as I hate creepy dolls, you'd think I would stay far away from movies like Annabelle. Most of the time I do, but since this one is part of The Conjuring storyline, I wanted to watch it. Actually, I've watched it many times since it came out in 2014 and I'm left underwhelmed each time. I'm still looking forward to watching Annabelle: Creation and I hope it'll be an improvement.

The Verdict: I hate Chucky, but I wanted to like Annabelle. However, I was underwhelmed. Not much else to say. 

The Book: While I watched the movie, I fell in love with Lauren Layne's I Knew You Were Trouble. Lauren can write verbal foreplay like no one else. I posted a mini review back in June. You can visit that blog post by click on the link below.

Annabelle (2014) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller 

A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.

 Director: John R. Leonetti
Writer: Gary Dauberman
Stars: Ward Horton, Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard

IMDB - Trailer


  1. Nope, nope, nopity nope, nope, nope. Lol I HATE dolls with a passion (Barbie excluded) and I've never watched any of these because I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is. My aunt brought home a stupid doll that was as big as a toddler and was posed like he was playing hide and seek. Scared the hell out of me for days until she got rid of it. If I could I'd kick.the person who gave it to her.

    1. I know! I hated those dolls that were the size of a toddler. My "Chucky" was a My Buddy doll and he was almost taller than that I was. I don't know whose bright idea it was to make those. Talk about freaky dolls!