Sunday, September 3, 2017

Currently Reading: Penthouse Player by Tara Leigh

You know that feeling when you come across a great passage from a book you're reading and you need to share it with the world? I love sharing short quotes at the beginning of my reviews, but I want to share more. *grin* These posts will pop up periodically with no set schedule. But hey, let's go!

Penthouse Player
Billionaire Bosses #1
by Tara Leigh
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"I guess I have a secret too."

I jumped, eager to move past my slip up. "Do tell."

"I have every intention of getting my new employee back in my bed. As soon as possible."

My breath caught in the back of my throat and I coughed, eyes watering. "You can't say that," I sputtered, fumbling with the cap of my water bottle.

"I just did. And I meant it."

Looking at his face, I knew he did. And part of me leapt with joy. He likes me. He really, really likes me. And then I returned to earth with a thud. "You can't," I whispered.

"How about we make a deal? I won't admit that I remember the taste of you on my tongue. Or the little purring noise you made before you came."

I blinked, several times. "And?" My voice emerged as a breathless whisper.

"You will stop trying to convince yourself that I'm never going to give you another orgasm. Preferably while I'm inside you."

About the Book

Abandoned by her mother and spurned by her father, Reina St. James is tired of being treated like a dirty little secret. It wasn’t easy making her way into the high-risk, high-reward Wall Street world ruled by financial kings and trust fund tyrants. But now that she’s got a stiletto-clad toe into one of the swankiest firms in Manhattan, Reina is determined to prove she’s more than just a pretty face hiding an ugly past.

For Tristan Xavier Bettencourt IV, escaping the shadow cast by generations of family fortune has been difficult, and success hasn’t come without sacrifice. Tristan has always put business before pleasure… Until Reina’s curved lips prove an invitation he can’t resist.

Walking away from their explosive night together won’t be easy, even if the heat between them might consume both of their careers. Will Reina and Tristan risk everything by betting on each other?

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