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Review: Tangled Up in Tinsel (Sunshine Creek Vineyard #3) by Candis Terry

"Look, I'm not usually a stalker kind of guy. But you've shown up three times saying you want to work for me at my restaurant. You've cooked a spectacular meal for me. I've seen you naked. I've had my mouth on most of your delicious body. And I know the sounds you make when you come the first, second, third, and forth time. So what part of all that says I don't deserve to have your number so I can make sure you're okay when you take off like the roadrunner with Wile E. Coyote on your tail?" - Parker Kincade

Tangled Up in Tinsel
Series: Sunshine Creek Vineyard #3
Author: Candis Terry
Publisher: Avon Books
Published: September 26, 2017
Source: Publisher for Review

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As if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, Parker Kincade has a restaurant to open. The fact that his Groomzilla brother wants the place for his perfect Christmas wedding doesn’t help. Then there’s the stunning woman who appoints herself his new chef before he’s ready to hire one. But one look at Gabriella Montani has Parker reassessing needs vs. wants. And that’s before he tastes what she has to offer…

Gabriella doesn’t need to get tangled up with a sexy man. What she needs is a job and a chance to prove herself. A place in Parker’s kitchen could give her the opportunity she’s been waiting for. The heat between them is sizzling, but a place in his bed could be downright dangerous. Neither Christmas nor men have ever lived up to her expectations, but Parker has soulmate written all over him. Should Gabi let herself be swept up in his holiday magic, or will it disappear before Christmas Day?

Before jumping into my review for Tangled Up in Tinsel, the 3rd book in Candis Terry's addictive Sunshine Creek Vineyard series, I have 5 tips for reading this book. Or really any one of Candis's books because they are all awesome.

1. Get plenty of sleep the night before you start Tangled Up in Tinsel. If you are like me and start books way too late at night, thus turning you into a book zombie the next morning, it's best to get extra sleep the night before.

2. Have snacks and your favorite beverage handy. With all of the food talk in this book, I quickly regretted reading it past midnight. Somehow it felt weird if I were to pour myself an iced coffee at that hour. I did, however, sneak some chocolate. Bad Crystal!

3. Have a phone, laptop, or any other device that can play YouTube so you can listen to many of the songs mentioned in the book. You can always have Amazon or iTunes opened so you can buy the songs and make a playlist. I kind of wished I had thought about that. Maybe we can talk Candis into making a Spotify playlist. *grins*

4. You will need tissues. It's a good thing I read certain scenes in the book at night because I tend to ugly cry. 

5. And lastly, have a pillow or blanket handy to squeal into during one particular scene so you won't wake up the house. This mostly applies to fans of Candis that have read her previous series. And if you haven't... Uh, why the heck not?

All kidding aside, I adore Candis Terry's books. Her characters are always lovable. I want to be their friend or even just a neighbor so I can say hi to them everyday. Even when one is being a jerk (I'm looking at you, Declan), they will always have a redeeming moment that'll sway you back into their corner. As individuals, Parker and Gabriella broke my heart. As a couple, they pieced it back together. As the saying goes, they found each other at the perfect time when they were ready to drop the walls and move away from their past. The writing is impeccable. I was all-in from the very first page and I had to force myself to put my Kindle down. I didn't want to miss a single moment in this book. I loved Tangled Up in Tinsel. From the characters to the author's playful writing style to the small town vibe, I couldn't get enough.

Best-selling and award winning author Candis Terry entertains readers with contemporary romance the Library Journal Reviews calls uniquely satisfying. Both her Sugar Shack and Sweet, Texas series deliver witty and emotional stories about how love, family, and a small town community defines the characters’ lives. Born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California, Candis now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers and loves to escape to the breathtaking Idaho forests to energize her imagination.

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