Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pass the Popcorn: The black room of ...

There are times when you pick a movie based solely on the description. Thinking it is one thing, but not 15 minutes into the movie I was hit with a whole lot of what the fudge was that? This was that movie...

One night I came across a movie called The Black Room. Honestly, the title should have been the first hint.

A darkroom or dark room is a darkened room, sometimes located in a nightclub, gay bathhouse or sex club, where sexual activity can take place. When located in bars, dark rooms are also known as backrooms or blackrooms. Some dark rooms incorporate black, blue, or red lights.

So, okay... There's that. Then as I did some research into the movie to try and figure out what the heck I was watching, I discovered that it is actually a horror/comedy. That explained so much!

In one word... The Black Room is sexual. We've got a guy having sex with a ... Well, you'll just have to experience it yourself. There is a lot of sex in this movie, some of which were fairly graphic. If it had a rating, it would probably be R. The story was different. A bit on the cheesy side, but enjoyable. One of the best moments in the movie was a sneaky Fifty Shades of Grey reference. I giggle'd hard at that... *grins*

What did I think about the movie? This would be a fun movie to watch with your girlfriends. Don't take it too seriously and you'll get a couple good chuckles. After a couple glasses of wine you'll think it is hilarious.

And the book... This was one of two movies that I watched while reading Irresistible You, which I friggin' loved. No surprise there... Hockey + romance = a very happy Crystal. Check out the link below if you'd like to see my review.

Irresistible You (Chicago Rebels #1) by Kate Meader

The Black Room (2017) - Comedy/Horror

A young couple moves into the house of their dreams which quickly becomes a living nightmare when they discover a dark secret awaiting them in the cellar. It has been locked up for years, trapped inside "The Black Room" and it wants out now! A demon who seduces with unholy pleasures, feeds off fear, and violently kills all who cross its' path.

Director: Rolfe Kanefsky
Writer: Rolfe Kanefsky
Stars: Natasha Henstridge, Lukas Hassel, Lin Shaye

IMDB - Trailer

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