Friday, September 22, 2017

October 2017 Blog Ahead... Wish me luck!

Like with other challenges, I always start off with the best intentions. Then when it comes time to actually start the challenge, those intentions fly right out the window.This time, I'm setting my own goals and I'm determined to meet them. If I do, fabulous! If I don't, I'll be proud of what I did accomplish. If I go past my goals, you'll have to pick me off the floor because I probably fainted. *grins*

The Challenge: Blogging can be stressful. Especially when life gets busy with vacations, school, emergencies or when a dreaded blogging slumps hit. Blog Ahead aims at helping you cut the stress by blogging ahead and creating a stockpile of scheduled posts that are ready to go when life gets a little crazy.

The Goal: Up your number of scheduled posts by 30 in one month.

My Goal: Complete at least 15 posts for November and December.

What Counts: Any completed and scheduled posts counts. The catch? The posts must be dated November 1st or later. They cannot go live in October and count towards the event.

Want to Join? Visit Anna's blog The Herd Presents and link up.

Good Luck!

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  1. Well there are many wishes from my side and I hope that with determination you can achieve your goal. In fact it would be great to hear everyday from you.