Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hello 2018: Planner Update & Blogging Essentials

Hello friends! I had such a fun time last year with my Hello 2017 series... So much fun that this turned into a Hello 2018 series. For the final post in my Hello 2018 series, I'm going to talk a bit about my 2018 planner and other blogging essentials. I am addicted to office supplies and my blog is usually the perfect excuse to buy new goodies. This is what I always have sitting next to me when I'm scheduling or working on posts.

A. 2018 Happy Planner - I absolutely fell head over heels in love with the Happy Planner last year. I love that it is customization, but also well structured. It took me far too long to pick out this year's planner and I am using the Happy Mind Happy Life design. I love the rustic vibe to it. 

B. Notebook - In addition to my full sized planner, I also use a notebook where I keep my challenge worksheets, review book tracker, and various other goodies. It is made with a regular ARC bound cover and rings from Staples and insert paper from Me & My Big Ideas.

C. Book Whore Journal - Confession... This is the same journal from last year. I completed spaced out and didn't use it last year. I will use it this year and I promise to do some updates throughout the year. You can check out the journal on Amazon.

D. Happy Planner Stickers - To be honest, I have a difficult time finding stickers that I can use. Since I only use this planner for my blog, I don't need most of the stickers that are on the market. I did find 4 sticker books that I use regularly. They are: Color StoryRainbowProductivity, and Everyday Plans. I also make my own super simple stickers, which I use for blog posts.

E. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Retractable Pens - If you ever wondered what my other addiction is after books, that would be pens. I am not safe near them. No joke, I carried 2 pen cases in college, both of which were full to the brim. I fell in love with these pens after I have given a set. Then I had rewards from Staples, so of course I went and bought a bigger set. Did I need them? Nope. Did I want them? Hell yeah! You can find a similar set on Amazon in various sizes.

Click on an image to enlarge

Left: Inside Planner
Right: Inside Notebook

That's my 2018 planner update and blogging essentials. Are you a planner person? Do you like paper or digital planning? Comment below and let's chat!


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  2. Looks great! I am an office supply addict, too. I absolutely love when Back-to-School comes because I could get lost in all the notebooks and pens :) What a nerd I am lol! I will be back to check out more of your reviews! Happy Friday.

    Megan @ Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest

    1. Thanks Megan! Notebooks are my other downfall. I have to constantly remind myself that I don't need a new one. The office supply store is like a vortex...