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Erotic Romances I Want to See Turned Into Movies...

Hello friends! Here's something you may not know about me... I love erotic romance. If written correctly, an erotic romance can be about so much more than sex. Yes, the sexy time should be plentiful, but there also needs to be an emotional connection. As important as the connection is between the couple, it's also important for the reader as well. If I don't fall in love with the characters, I'm not going to stick around while they have copious amounts of sex.

With this Friday's release of Fifty Shades Freed, the 3rd movie in the Fifty Shades series, I thought it would be fun to compile of list of erotic romances I'd love to see get turned into movies. Not all of these picks are simply for the sex scenes, although some of them would be hot, I'm also taking characters and the plot into consideration. 

I will be back on Saturday with a special Fifty Shades edition of Pass the Popcorn


Priest by Sierra Simone
Can you imagine the shock value Priest would have? If you thought the cinematic world wasn't ready for Fifty Shades, then this book would shock the hell out of people. The number one reason why I want it to be a movie isn't for the sex scenes (although those would be hot with a capital H), I mostly want to see Tyler (aka Father Bell) battle his attraction to Poppy. His struggle with the fact that he's about to not only sin, but also go against his vows would be amazing if done correctly. The sex scenes would no doubt result in a NC-17 rating, anything less would be unacceptable.

Bared to You by Sylvia Day
I feel like Bared to You is mentioned 90% of the time when someone asks for more erotic romance movies. While I still haven't finished the series, I'd have to agree. I loved the struggle between Gideon and Eva. Gideon is the dominating alpha billionaire and Eva is no naive bunny. She's got her own issues that she struggles with throughout the series. I do think Crossfire would make a much better television series than it would as a movie series.

Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks
Not going to lie, I mostly want to see this one because of a particular sex scene. There is a scene where Julie (our heroine) puts herself in an incredibly stupid position, which makes Nathan (the hero) to give in to temptation and to protect her. I know I'm being incredibly vague, but that scene is best experienced first hand. Okay fine... It's a threesome and again, shock value! Plus, it was sexy as hell.


At His Mercy by Shelly Bell
I could have picked any one of Shelly Bell's books. I love that fact that I fall for all of her characters, even the assholes that turn out to be murderers. Yeah, I went there. With At His Mercy, it's the connection between Isabella and Tristan that I would love to see play out on the big screen, especially as Isabella learns to grasp her freedom by relinquishing sexual control to Tristan, which is something we don't see often in movies. In movies, the lack of control usually leads to the belief that the character is weak, which is so not the case in the book.

Crave by Sierra Cartwright
If I want to watch a movie with elements of BDSM, then I'd go for any of Sierra's books. I've never read another author that so masterfully introduces both the reader and her characters into the world of BDSM. She never throws her characters into it blindly and I appreciate that effort. I also love the banter between all of her characters. I just happened to pick Crave because it was the first book I read and it was one of my favorites.

Manwhore by Katy Evans
Again, a female character that isn't a naive bunny! I loved the fact that Rachel doesn't immediately fall into Saint's bed. The attraction and sexual tension is on point, but she resists the temptation for as long as she could. I loved watching them grow closer and bond as their walls begin to crumble. Plus the scene where Saint calls dibs? Turn up the fans because women will be swooning everywhere!

Those are my picks for erotic romances. I wanted a bit more of a selection so I reached out to a couple friends of mine. Here are the romances they loved and would like to see as movies. Some are erotic romances, some are just sexy as hell romances.


by J.R. Ward

by Lisa Marie Rice

by Anna Zaires


by Tara Sivec

by Linda Howard

by Kristen Ashley


by R.K. Lilley

by Raine Miller

by Katy Evans

There you go... Erotic romances that I want to see turn into movies and some that my friends loved as well. Are you a romance reader? Do you like erotic romance? If you are, which erotic romances do you think would make a great movie? If you're not a fan but love romance, what romance books would you like to see as a movie? Comment below and let's chat!

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