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Review: Any Given Christmas (Sugar Shack #2) by Candis Terry

"Honey. This is a skinny-dipping hot springs. Absolutely no clothing allowed. Didn't you read the sign?" - Dean Silverthorne

Any Given Christmas
Author: Candis Terry
Series: Sugar Shack #2
Publisher: Avon
Published: December 6, 2011

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Dean Silverthorne’s mother may be dead, but she still has matchmaking to do.

When an injury dashes NFL Quarterback Dean Silverthorne’s Super Bowl dreams, he heads back to Deer Lick, Montana, with a chip on his wounded shoulder, more determined than ever to get back in the game. He loves his kooky family, but this trip home is going to be a very brief Christmas visit.

His game plan doesn’t include an instant attraction to Emma Hart, a feisty kindergarten teacher who seems to be the only person in Deer Lick not interested in the hometown hero. Or his dearly departed mom popping up with mistletoe in hand and meddling on the mind. Now Dean can’t help but wonder if there’s more to love than life between the goal posts.

Okay, so here's the thing. The majority of the holiday books I've read so far this season have been "clean" romances. There seems to be a varying degree of sweet, but most have been behind-closed-doors or fade to black. With the exception of one, there's always been at least a kiss.

I love sweet romances just as much as I love raunchy erotic romance. Right now, though... This girl needs some sex in her books pronto. So I changed course a bit and re-read one of my favorite Candis Terry books of all time, Any Given Christmas. This was my second Candis Terry book, which I bought the day after I got my Kindle for Christmas in 2011, and it features my favorite of the Terry men, Dean Silverthorne. Oh Dean... Men who deal with pet allergies to make their women happy make me happy. He's gruff. He's jealous. He's sexy as all hell. Yes, please!

Two things have always stood out to me about Any Given Christmas. The first is that this book never fails to make me ugly cry. There is a scene that is gut-wrenching. It's sad and extremely emotional, but I love how it brings Emma and Dean closer. The scenes afterwards where he consoles her in the best way possible always brings a sad smile to my face.

The second thing that always stood out to me? Two words: hot springs. I told you this girl needed sex in her romance and Candis Terry delivers. Sexy hot springs in the middle of winter. Sounds cold, but it's hot in this book.

All kidding aside, I love Any Given Christmas. Honestly, it's not just this one. I adore the whole series. Fun fact, it's actually the only series I've bought for my Kindle and in paperback. And now I'm searching high and low for the original paperback covers. I need these in my life.


Best selling and award winning author Candis Terry entertains readers with contemporary romance the Library Journal Reviews calls uniquely satisfying. Both her Sugar Shack and Sweet, Texas series deliver witty and emotional stories about how love, family, and a small town community defines the characters’ lives. Born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California, Candis now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers and loves to escape to the breathtaking Idaho forests to energize her imagination.

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