Friday, December 28, 2018

Where the heck have I been? *Life Update December 2018*

I feel like this could also be called Who stole December? Or even Who stole the last quarter of 2018?

Anyway... Hello friends! Happy almost 2019! Goodbye insanity that was 2018. I feel like I owe you a little bit of an apology. You see, I had all the plans for November and December posts that got lost in the shuffle. I was going to read all the Christmas books (which I did and will get back to that). I was going to watch all the Hallmark holiday movies. I had plans, people.

Then November 10th happened...

Before jumping into the story, let me backtrack just a bit. If you haven't read my About Me page, I love to craft. Everything from jewelry making to scrapbooking, and now I've added crocheting to the mix. I love making things. And every year for the past 9 or so years, I do a craft fair. There was one year when I did 2 and a year when I did none, but that's not the point. I'm also a pro-craftin-nator, which is procrastinating for crafty people. I typically spend 11 months planning for the craft fair and 1 month actually making things. And let me tell you, that's definitely not the way to go about it. 

So, here I was in early November working on new items... Then November 10th happened... 

After a trip to Costco, I had the brilliant idea to finally brand my crafty business. Obviously I use the word brilliant very loosely. Since my craft fair was on December 1st, that didn't leave me much time to decide on a logo, buy the domain, order a banner (which sparked the plan), order business cards, and start working on my new website/Etsy store. Oh yeah, I was also working on stock. Unfortunately, that didn't leave a whole lot of time to work on the blog. Instead of worrying about it, I decided to let it go. November ended up being very sporadic post wise and December has been radio silent. And I'm okay with that...

What is going to happen now? I'm not quite sure. While I may not have been blogging, but I sure as heck have been reading. I do have the holiday romances lined up for reviews. What I'm thinking is saving those reviews for next year and just get a head start on 2019. It's not ideal, but my January is already hoppin' so I think this is for the best. As for the last bit of December, I will do my annual challenge & goal posts. I will also have my new 2019 challenge post up soon. 

Until then, here are some pictures from my craft fair. And I hope all of you are having a fabulous holiday. Happy Holidays!!




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