Thursday, September 6, 2012

My RWA Experience...

Let me start off this blog post (more like rambling) and say that I have never met any of my favorite authors nor have I emailed them to express my love for their books. Don't ask me why because I honestly could not tell you. When I found out through Facebook that the Romance Writers of America (RWA for short) was having their annual conference in Anaheim, CA, I was excited. When I found out that they had an event called literacy signing and several of my favorite authors were going to be there ... I almost fell off my chair. I was finally going to meet my favorite authors. After about 30 minutes of jumping up and down, I was hit with a wave or nervousness. I'm strange that way. Here is my brief (and a little fangirl) experience of the RWA literacty signing...

I planned to arrive at the Anaheim Convention Center about a hour before the doors opened thinking that the line wouldn't be too long. HA! Boy was I wrong... I'd say there were about 150 to 200 women already in line. Wow! My place in line was perfect since it was right next to where the authors were entering the ballroom. Talk about a parade of authors. I felt a little out of place because those around me knew almost all of them and I only knew a handful. Excitement rushed through everyone as the doors open and we scattered to meet our favorite authors.

I have been a big Lisa Jackson fan for years. My collection of her romantic suspense novels is almost complete (darn you Malice!). So needless to say, she was my first stop. Yeah ... I turned into a total fangirl. I gushed and I praised and I probably made a total fool of myself. That's okay, I'm sure she gets that a lot right? RIGHT? After her signing a book for me and I was able to move my feet, I made my way to my new favorite author, Candis Terry. I recently discovered her "Sugar Shack" series. Love them! Then my next stop was Catherine Bybee. We shared a story about our last names. They are the same name, but spelled differently. You don't see too many Bybee's around. When I left her table, it dawned on me that I totally forgot to take pictures. D'OH! So, back to Candis and Lisa I went. I just embarrassed myself twice in one night. A new record! Other authors I met were Sylvia Day (Gideon sends his love to ME!), Maya Banks, Jaci Burton, and Leslie Kelly. I also had a short chat with Lena Diaz. And I am still kicking myself for not getting her book while I was there. All of the ladies were so nice.

My only regret was that I didn't learn about the event sooner. Since the proceeds from the book sales went to local charities, I would have loved to buy more books there. My budget was limited because I had only heard of the event two weeks prior. If I was able to get more, I think I would have met more authors. I had the mindset that if I hadn't read their book, I shouldn't approach the author. Stupid, I know, but I get very overwhelmed with large events like this. I still had a blast, though. And my adventure was a success because my goal was to meet Lisa Jackson. She made it all worth it.

I have never seen so many women (and a few poor men who were relegated to carrying books) in one place in my life. And I do craft fairs...

If the RWA is in your neck of the woods, check it out. The literacy signing is so worth the maddness.

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