Monday, June 17, 2013

a busy week...

Hi book friends! I'm sorry for being quiet this weekend. It has been a crazy couple of days preparing for the upcoming week 'o blog fun starting tomorrow. :o)
Tomorrow, I'll be posting my review for the new book Hollywood Lies by N.K. Smith. Loved it and I can't wait to share it with you. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview and take part in TWCS's blog tour for the book. That'll be posted on Thursday. It was such a fun interview. Hope you all like it. With the blog tour happening on Thursday, my final mini review of Midnight Train to Paris will be posted on Wednesday. If you noticed that I did not post my mini review for the 7th episode of Kicking the Habit last Friday, that's because I decided to read episodes 7 and 8 back to back. So look for my final mini review for the last two episodes on Friday.
I had such a fun time reading both Kindle serials and I'm looking for a new one to continue. If you know of a good one, comment below and I'll check it out. 
I hope you enjoy this next week on my blog. I had a blast working with the blog tour and I can't wait to find out how the two Kindle serials end.
Happy reading!!

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