Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Mail!

One of the awesome perks of being an Avon Addict are the boxes of books and goodies that are sent to us each month. Packages were mailed out and mine arrived last night. I made my way from the backyard to the front door in record time.

Goodies! This month each Addict got a copy of Stephanie Evanovich's debut novel Big Girl Panties, a copy of Lisa Marie Rice's I Dream of Danger, an ARC of Caroline Linden's Love and Other Scandals, a copy of Lori Wilde's Love at First Sight, and copies of Candis Terry's new book Anything But Sweet. Also included was a lime green Avon Addict beach mat, a purple Avon book bag, a hot Jennifer Bernard "Do Not Disturb" sign, and an Avon Impulse magnet.
Stay tuned for my reviews of these books and possibly a giveaway (or two).
*happy dancin'*

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