Friday, September 13, 2013

Fierce by Sabrina York

1 Night Stand Series
Author: Sabrina York
Published: September 11, 2013
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Source: Author for Review

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Celebrating her divorce with a girls’ weekend in Vegas, the last thing Katie wants is a one-night stand. Her best friend disagrees and submits the divorcee’s profile to Madame Eve. When the mysterious owner finds her the ‘perfect’ match, Katie knows it won’t matter…she certainly doesn’t need more proof she’s frigid.

Intrigued by Katie’s faithfulness to her inconsiderate, former husband, cynical Sebastian relishes the challenge of overcoming the damage they’ve both suffered at the hands of their respective ex-spouses. Drawn to the fiery spirit in his 1Night Stand match, Sebastian will have to prove he’s the lover who can help her embrace her passion.

Paired for a night of temptation and release, will these two damaged souls find ice turning to fire?

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One of the things I truly love about Sabrina's writing is her ability to write a well-rounded short story. Even in a limited 40 pages, she was able to create characters that I liked and could get invested in. Poor Katie. Its bad enough that she's never had a orgasm with her ex-husband, but to have him cheat on her...with another man! I don't blame her for being gun shy. And Sebastian... He may very well be my new favorite of Sabrina's heroes. He's hot. He's smart. And he's so damn sweet. The way he takes the time to make sure Katie is comfortable and enjoying herself... *swoon* That's another thing I love about Sabrina's writing. She writes a very sexy plot without being vulgar or too over the top. Yes, this story is about having a one-night stand, but it was romantically written. Of course I would have loved a full story or even a novella, but I still felt complete with the length of this short story.
I've never heard of the 1 Night Stand series... More books to add to the Kindle. *grin*

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