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Lust Eternal by Sabrina York

"It seemed, to Aimalee, to be the most perfect spot in all of creation. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, being trapped her for eternity. At least if there was cheesecake." - Lust Eternal by Sabrina York

Lust Eternal
Author: Sabrina York
Published: June 2013
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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For thousands of years, Keeshan has waited. A curse put him in the lamp, damning him to an eternity of pleasing the women who find it. Each time, the women enter the lamp, ensnared in a web of lust and love. And each time, just as he grows to care, the women leave.

But Aimalee is different somehow. With her, Keeshan’s desire knows no bounds—he needs to be with her, inside her, every second she’s there, like an addict who just can’t get enough. Eventually she’ll leave just like the others but until then, Keeshan plans to indulge her every sinful urge. And maybe, just maybe, she’s the key to breaking the curse.
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Every woman should have a genie lamp equipped with a sexy man, any food their heart desires, and a magic mirror just in case they start to miss home. As with every other Sabrina York book, I loved this one. Seriously, where does the woman find these heroes? And can I visit? At the core, Lust Eternal is a sweet romance between two characters drawn together for centuries. Their love is strong. It is passionate. It breaks bonds. Aimalee is a soft and na├»ve woman. She thinks she is in love with a man that is so very wrong for her. Carter uses his position to hide his relationship with Aimalee, but that's not the real reason. I would punch Carter if I could. Keeshan, on the other hand, is a man imprisoned for something he did not do. He's doomed to suffer the loss of his first love. He's doomed to fall in over with every woman that is swept into his lamp, only to have them taken away. After watching and falling for Aimalee, Keeshan can't contain himself when she's finally swept into his lair. The days they share are filled with love, food, more love, tears, and a little bit more love. She is able to help him come to terms with his past and he helps her realize the ass Carter really is. Have I said that I'd like to punch him?

I loved this one. As much as I adore Sabrina's more contemporary romances, I'd like to see more of her paranormal side. Especially if she continues with these characters... *hint*

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Adult Content: If you object to certain words, please do not read beyond this point. I am posting Sabrina's excerpt un-censored.
An Excerpt From: LUST ETERNAL
Copyright © SABRINA YORK, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Aimalee picked up a clipboard and pretended to scan the sheet on top. “I have to get back to work. Did you want anything else?”
“There was one other thing. Carter asked if you could, you know, not come tonight.”
“Not come tonight?” Aimalee whirled around and gaped at Sorcha. She’d been working on this display for months, utterly devoted to this project for years. She’d been so looking forward to showing off her work, presenting her findings. She’d even bought a new dress for heaven’s sake.

That happened, maybe, once a decade or so.
“It’s going to be quite a crush. All the big benefactors will be there. And you are…” Sorcha made a scornful little flourish with slender fingers. Her expression said it all—mousy. Aimalee knew it to be true. She knew what she was. But having Sorcha point it out rankled.

“This is my display.”

“Sure. Do what you need to set it up but then make yourself scarce. Be out of there by seven. ’Kay?” Sorcha pinned on a dazzling smile. “I told him you’d understand.”

With that she spun on her Jimmy Choos and waltzed from the room, elegantly swinging between boxes and crates and piles of books, leaving Aimalee sitting at her worktable, reeling with shock and repressed rage.

Make yourself scarce.

The mandate of her entire existence.

The fuck she wasn't coming tonight. She’d worked far too long, far too hard on her dissertation, on this presentation, to simply fade into the background now when it was all coming to fruition. 
This was her baby. Oh, she’d be there. Come hell or high water.

Without thinking, without redonning her protective gloves—a monumental no-no in the museum world—Aimalee picked up the lamp and a cleaning cloth and began to polish her treasure. A deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure spiked through her, assuaging her annoyance.

Okay, so her love life was more than a little disappointing and frustrating. And yes, her professional prospects were limited but at least she loved her work. Really loved her work…

She renewed her invigorated scrubbing on that one smudge that just wouldn’t wipe away.

Imagine the gall. Asking her to miss the night of her life so Sorcha could stand in the limelight at Carter’s side and reap the rewards.

Aimalee rubbed harder and faster, fury rising like a chained beast in her belly. A red tide descended, blurring her vision. Everything beyond the lamp faded. The world beyond her passion, her work, dissolved.

She’d had enough of this.

Enough hiding her relationship.

Enough elicit, hurried trysts.

Enough secrets.


Her movements slowed as a strange sensation crawled down her spine from her neck to her solar plexus. It pooled in her womb. Her fingers and toes began to tingle. Throb. Prickles of excitement and anticipation skittered over her skin. Her body warmed, softened, dampened.
Her hand flew to her nape where gentle tendrils caressed her—like a lover’s whisper. The tingling increased and contracted and wafted inward to settle just below her pounding heart. Her essence condensed, coalesced, as light as smoke, wafting and roiling. A strange sense of unreality, of disengagement, overcame her. She closed her eyes and the dizzy sensation increased. She tried to open them again but couldn’t. She twisted, curled, floated in the ether. A great whooshing sensation rocked her consciousness, sucking her into a smaller and smaller space. A dark place.

And then an eerie silence, a supreme stillness, descended.
* * * * *

Slowly, she came to herself. She glanced around in a befuddled daze and stilled. She was no longer in her familiar workroom but in a lavish boudoir, a seraglio swathed in gauzy, flowing drapes. Glowing braziers wreathed in aromatic smoke lit the room with a dim, somnambulant light. The velvet cushions she reclined upon teased her sensitive skin. With a start, she realized she was utterly naked. A shiver coursed through her. What on earth had happened? Where was she?

But before she could work it out, a billow of iridescent fog roiled before her. Aimalee stared, transfixed as the cloud slowly coalesced into human form. A man.

A very large man.

She tipped back her head and their gazes met, clashed. His eyes glowed with a scorching fervor. A bolt of electricity shot through her.

His features were stark, a savage beauty etched with a desperate hunger—high, striking cheekbones and wide, sensuous lips. Dark hair curled gently about his face and neck. A sudden desire to comb those silky skeins skittered through her.

Aimalee swallowed heavily. Her avaricious attention trailed down across brown shoulders and powerful arms. His chest was bare and broad and ridged. It rippled at the mere touch of her gaze.
He stood, legs slightly apart, bunching thighs taut as though he were about to spring forward but was holding himself back with great effort. Strength, power and passion rolled off him in waves.
But for metal cuffs about his wrists and neck, he was naked.
Oh. And he was aroused. Magnificently and tremendously aroused.
The sight of his jutting, throbbing member made her heart clench. A strange heat pooled in her womb when she noticed the pearlescent drop glistening at the tip of his cock.
He was, in a word, ready.
Then again, so was she.
And then he spoke—a deep, mellifluous voice that resonated straight through to her soul.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Aimalee,” he said. “I’ve been waiting for you a very long time.”

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