Friday, February 7, 2014

January Avon Addict Box

A couple days ago, my January Avon Addicts box arrived. It was a mixture of feelings. I'm sad that my time as a current Addict has come to an end, but happy to help usher in the new group of readers when they are picked. I will do a whole post on my experience as an Avon Addict closer to when they start accepting applications.

Until then, here is my January box. Oh, happy reading!

In this box, we got four new titles (one of which is an ARC), an adorable Avon Addict compact, and a pen/light. The four books we got were: Sweetest Mistake by Candis Terry, Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare, The Cowboy of Valentine Valley by Emma Cane, and The Masterful Mr. Montague by Stephanie Laurens. 

So excited because this will be my very first Tessa Dare book! A fact that got me in trouble with my fellow Addicts. Although I am extremely behind in my Addicts reading, I look forward to reading all of these books in the (hopefully) near future. Okay, hopefully by the end of this year. *grins*


  1. Hi Crystal, you have another batch of fabulous books! I'm like you, I haven't had a chance to read any of Tessa's books, but I've heard so many good things about her books, I'm adding them to my wishlist.By the way, is the Stephanie Laurens one part of the Cynster series or the Barnaby Adair series?

    1. It is the 2nd book of the Barnaby Adair series. Are you a fan of Stephanie's?

      I'm new to most of the historical romance genre. It is going to be fun to try and catch up. :D

  2. I love Stephanie's Cynster family series, haven't read all the older ones but I've recently enjoyed all 3 books in her Cynster Sister Trilogy. I haven't had a chance to start the Barnaby Adair series yet I've added them to my wishlist. I think you'll enjoy her novels, I also highly recommend Julia Quinn's the Bridgerton series if you're new to historical romances. Happy reading!