Thursday, June 1, 2017

Last Month on the Blog - May 2017

Hello friends! Welcome to Last Month on the Blog for May. If I'm being completely honest, I'd rather forget most of May. After dealing with the headaches from hell for several days, my energy and desire to read were zapped. I was running on fumes for a good couple of days. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better and I'm actually reading again! Hooray! Hopefully that means I'll be back on the reviewing track soon.

Until then, here are the few books I did read and review in May.

This month I only have two books that are waiting for reviews. I was super excited to read both of these books, one of which was a new-to-me author. Reviews coming this weekend!

Sworn to Protect (Rescue Ops #1) - Diana Gardin
Super sexy romantic suspense. Yes, please!

Abandoned (Finding Justice #2) - Rhonda Pollero
I was chomping at the bit to read this one.

I'm not back to the number of reviews I was posting in January and February, but I am excited about the reviews I did post in May.

I don't think I've stopped to see just how many great books that are coming out in June. If I do, I may cry. It's going to be a busy, busy month!

Taming the CEO - Hayson Manning
Sexy Summer Flings - Codi Gary
A Sky Full of Stars - Samantha Chase
Obsession - Calista Fox
Heat - Opal Carew
Run to Ground - Katie Ruggle
The Right Ranger - Donna Michaels
The Story of Us - Tara Sivec
All I Am: Drew's Story (A This Man Novella) - Jodi Ellen Malpas
Lost and Found Sisters - Jill Shalvis
At His Mercy - Shelly Bell
Montana Heat: Protected by Love - Jennifer Ryan
On the Plus Side - Alison Bliss
Luca - Sarah Castille

So, that's it! May wasn't the best month with the continuing reading slump mixed with the headaches, but hopefully things will look up in June. I've got just under 3 months left to try and hit 500 reviews for the blog's 5th birthday. I think I can do it...

What did you read in May? What books are you looking forward to in June?


  1. Awe, I'm sorry May wasn't so great for you! Here's hoping this month goes much better.
    It's totally insane how many books in all genres are coming out this month, ack! All of our wallets will be strained, haha! #getsocial17
    -Amy @

    1. So true! I think my wallet went into the witness protection program. So many good books, so few sleeping hours. ;)

      Thanks for visiting, Amy!

    2. Hahaha I love that analogy! So true! ;-) Anytime!

  2. Just my TBR overwhelms me so looking at that massive list of one month of releases is daunting... at least your love of reading is back! Good luck for June! 🌟🌈❤️ #getsocial17

    1. It is daunting. Lots of good books coming out this month. My love came back just in time. :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. Oh, yuck! I hate not feeling well enough to even read :( Glad you are feeling better!

    One of my favourite reads from May was Keep in a Cold Dark Place by Michael Stewart.

    For June, books on my 'Up Next' list I'm eager to read are River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey, Lockdown by Laurie R King, and Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory.


  4. Best of luck on meeting your 500 blog reviews by your anniversary. I bet you can do it. Sorry you've been suffering through headaches. I sincerely hope you feel better. - Mama Vicky