Friday, July 14, 2017

Challenge Update: January to June 2017

No joke, I have been meaning to do a challenge update since February. What started out as a once a month update turned into every other month. Then that morphed into every 3 months... Then every 4 months. Until finally the first half of the year, where we're at today. Can you believe that we're already past the half-way point in 2017? Insanity, I tell you! For whatever reason I find challenge updates to be a daunting post to write. As I start heading down the rabbit hole (aka redesigning the blog), I think I'm going to incorporate challenges into reviews. Something else to consider...

Anyhoo, welcome {finally} to my challenge update post for January to June 2017. 

I think I've been doing pretty good with the majority of my challenges this year, with the exception of Goodreads, which I will touch on later. Much, much later. I'm doing better with some challenges while others are a hot mess. We'll see how the next half of the year goes.

Don't forget to let me know how your challenges are doing. Leave a comment and let's chat!

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Let's just get the hot mess challenge out of the way, shall we? Holy crap, I suck at this one. I don't know why, but it's always been a thorn in my side. I still have time to read some of the older review books, so check back later.

I have no flipping clue where I am at with the Bad Boys of Romance challenge only because I haven't gone through my books to see which had a bad boy. I know I've read at least 2 or 3, but I will do a better update later.

I am actually doing really well with this challenge, mostly due to the fact that I picked a genre that I love and always read - romantic suspense. At this point, I am nearly half finished. Yay!

I am finished with this one! Woot! Again, mostly because 90% of what I read is contemporary romance, but I'll take a completed challenge when I get one. *wink*

Thanks to my monthly reading challenge with Ezrah from I Heart Romance & YA, I'm not doing to bad with the historical romance challenge. We've both fallen off the wagon, so to speak, thanks to some annoying reading slumps, but we'll get back on track soon. Hopefully.

Another challenge I'm doing pretty well with. I am a few books shy of completing the New to Me challenge. Hooray!

I need more kinky books in my life! I will get back on track with this one soon. It's going to happen.

I still need to pick an author for the Read All the Books challenge. I think I'm going to go with Lisa Jackson. Check back later since I think I'm going to officially start this one in a month or two.

Goodreads Challenge

Okay, now let's chat about the dreaded Goodreads reading challenge. If you remember {and I sincerely hope you don't}, I started the year with my challenge set at 150 books. About a month or so into 2017, I had an epiphany. I realized that I wasn't reading books because I wanted to, I was reading them for the challenge. I wasn't excited to finish a book because I loved it, I was excited because that would be another book to add to my challenge. To me, that's not a healthy way to read and I firmly believe it was one of the main reasons why I was constantly going into reading slumps. I was putting way too much pressure on reading when it should be something I do for fun and for my blog. So after some pondering, I decided to lower my challenge to 125 books and I think I will go down to 100 next year. I'll still try to read as many books as I can each year, I just won't have the added pressure of trying to complete the challenge. I'm nowhere near being on track {mostly because I keep forgetting to update books}, but I'm much happier now.

So... There it is... Stay tuned for a more detailed update post next time with fancy graphics. Hopefully...


  1. Kudos to you and everyone who takes on challenges, I only do the Goodreads challenge and I'm doing okay on that one ;-)

    1. They're fun as long as you don't get overwhelmed. I've been plagued by reading slumps all year and I think that's why. So I lowered my Goodreads challenge, which was something I never did.