Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Review: Reporting In by Vanessa North

"It was fun - more fun than I've had in ages. I'd like for it to happen again - if you still want me." - Steven

Reporting In
Author: Vanessa North
Publisher: Carina Press
Published: July 30, 2018
Source: Publisher

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An after-hours workplace encounter turns into an exploration of two men’s very compatible kinks.

Behind closed doors, in the office and out, Steven and Jake explore their tastes for rough sex, chastity cages, and dominance and submission.

That Jake is Steven’s IRL boss only makes it better.

There’s only one rule between them: no matter how hot their power play gets, it only happens if Steven feels safe. Personally and professionally.

But when what starts as two guys blowing off steam turns into real feelings above the waist, it’s not that simple.

Going public—having a relationship—would mean putting both their jobs on the line.

Note to self... When I'm craving erotic romance, one-clicking review books might not be the best idea. I have been loving Carina's Dirty Bits line lately, so when Reporting In popped up I was sold. Did I look at the synopsis? Nope. Did I look closer at the cover? Nope. All I saw was a sexy guy in a suit. Did I see the second guy with his back facing the camera? That would be a big fat nope. For a girl who has only read 1 other M/M romance in her life, it was a bit of a whoops moment when I realized that I had just one-clicked a M/M erotic romance.

I love erotic romance. Whether it is M/F, M/F/M, or M/M/F, I am good to go. Keep 'em coming...

Out of all the different combinations of bodies, M/M/F tends to be my favorite. And honestly, I need to read more of them. So when I finally realized that Reporting In was a M/M erotic novella, I thought what the hell. I'm craving sexy x100 in my books right now so let's do this. I friggin' loved it. It is sexy AF with characters that are surprisingly well developed for such a short novella. I loved that while they were obviously hesitant to enter a sexual relationship with each other, they still wanted to see where it could lead. I loved that they felt free to explore each other and their desires. It took me a bit by surprise, but I ended up really enjoying the novella. They scorched my Kindle and I was happy as a clam.

Will I start reading more M/M erotic romance? That's a good possibility. Carina's Dirty Bits line has a couple other M/M titles that I'm interested in. For now, I'm glad that I accidentally one-clicked Reporting In. This was my first time reading one of Vanessa North's books and I'm intrigued. We'll see where this leads...

Author of over a dozen novels, novellas, and short stories, Vanessa North delights in giving happy-ever-afters to characters who don’t think they deserve them. Relentless curiosity led her to take up knitting and run a few marathons “just to see if she could.” She started writing for the same reason. Her very patient husband pretends not to notice when her hobbies take over the house. Living and writing in Northwest Georgia, she finds her attempts to keep a quiet home are frequently thwarted by twin boy-children and a very, very large dog.

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