Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Review: Kiss the Girl (Naughty Princess Club #3) by Tara Sivec

"In case you haven't noticed, I kind of like you." - Eric Sailor

Kiss the Girl
Author: Tara Sivec
Series: Naughty Princess Club #3
Publisher: Swerve
Published: September 4, 2018
Source: Publisher

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A struggling antiques collector finds herself falling in love with a millionaire playboy; but can she ever be a part of his world?

Meet the Naughty Princess Club, a series from USA Today bestselling author Tara Sivec that brings readers to Fairytale Lane and the hilarity—and romance—that three women fall into once they decide to strut their stuff and bring on their own happily ever after.

While her friends have broken free of their insecurities, Ariel Waters is struggling to come out of her shell. Her ex-husband took away her voice and her self-confidence, and Ariel is drowning under a sea of debt to afford the alimony she has to pay him. She refuses to ever fall for a man’s charms again, and is determined to make her own way.

When her house and her beloved antiques are taken by the bank after too many missed payments, Ariel finds herself adrift until the infuriatingly charming Eric Sailor comes to her rescue. Although she can’t stand the millionaire playboy, Eric’s kindness and unconditional support reveal hidden depths and a love that Ariel never imagined she could find.

But there are outside influences who will stop at nothing to keep them apart; can Ariel and Eric weather the storm and find a way to be together in Kiss the Girl?

I had quite an interesting experience with Tara Sivec's Kiss the Girl. I have a feeling that this is going to be more of a chit chat type of review.

Before I read Kiss the Girl, I read one other book from Tara. I remember everyone raving about Seduction & Snacks, so of course I had to experience Tara's wild writing style for myself. And if I recall correctly, I loved it. When I saw Kiss the Girl, I thought it was about damn time I read another one of Tara's books. Plus a naughty princess? Uh, hello! Why have I not heard of this series before? So I happily dived right on in...

Now here's where the weirdness came in... Well, the first weirdness. I wasn't enjoying the book. I didn't gel with Ariel's over-the-top personality. There were a few moments where we totally butt heads. I loved Eric and the rest of the gang. Part of me wanted to put it down, but something told me to keep reading. And so I did... It took a few chapters for Ariel to stop grating my nerves and once she did, I was hooked. I loved Tara's hysterical writing style. I loved the sexiness of it. I loved Eric's kindness. Once I got over whatever was holding me back, I couldn't put the book down.

Now fast forward a couple days when my friend Ezrah and I are at Disneyland. I wasn't thinking about the book until Ezrah brought it up as we were walking to the front gates. I was telling her my thoughts on it and we talked about how both of us wanted to read the rest of the series. Upon entering the park, who is the first princess we see? Yep, Ariel. Thank god Eric wasn't with her because I would have been imaging some naughty bits while in the Happiest Place on Earth.

So there you have it... While I loved Kiss the Girl, it almost got me into trouble at Disneyland.

Tara Sivec is a USA Today bestselling author and the Best Indie Author in the Indie Romance Convention Reader's Choice Awards in 2014. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. Tara is the author of The Naughty Princess Club series, including At the Stroke of Midnight.


  1. I've read a few other reviews where they discuss how Ariel got on their nerves so I'm wondering if I'll actually get around to reading this series. Hmm, I'll have to think about it but great review, Crystal!

    1. I can totally see how she gets on people's nerves. She's very over-the-top sometimes. I wonder if readers get used to her if they started with the 1st book.

      Thanks for visiting!